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Jennifer Friedrich


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Phone: 397.6555

Class Schedule

1st Period 8:50-9:38 Theatre Arts 1

2nd Period 9:44-10:41 Theatre Arts 4

3rd Period 10:47-11:35 Theatre Arts 2

4th Period 11:41-12:29 Theatre Arts 2

5th Period 12:35-1:23 Conference

6th Period 1:29-2:17 Lunch

7th Period 2:23-3:11 Theatre Arts 3

8th Period 3:17-4:05 Advanced Technical Theatre Arts


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Theatre Arts 1

Theatre Arts 1 classes are designed to build strong foundations in theatre vocabulary, basic theatrical conventions, elements of design, cultural history, evaluation strategies and problem solving skills.

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Theatre Arts 2

Theatre Arts 2 classes are an in-depth continuation with an emphasis on analysis and development of theatre production to include the various styles of theatre. The objective of this class is to stimulate creativity, student poise, confidence and independence.

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Theatre Arts 3

Theatre 3 classes continue an in-depth study of theatre with an emphasis on classical and abstract theatre in preparation for upper level and college level course work. Students stimulate creativity through writing and basic directorial skills reiterating poise, confidence and independence.

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Theatre Arts 4

Theatre 4 prepares students for college studies and the professional work force through the integration of production and technology furthering the students creativity, poise, confidence and independence.

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