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Use of the Language Lab – B169 and B170

We are privileged here at John Paul Stevens High School to be using such a wonderful piece of learning equipment. Therefore, it is our hope that you will treat this equipment with all respect.

This lab is an important learning device designed to improve your performance in hearing and speaking language. The lab's purpose is to allow students to hear their own voices, their own accents, and to allow them to record some of the lessons in order to drill and study outside of class. In addition, the listening and speaking portions of the Advance Placement Exam are given in the lab so students will have both the practice and familiarity with the equipment to put them to advantage.

This is a wonderful opportunity not available to many of the students in other schools. Therefore, you will want to use it properly. There will be no tampering, fiddling, or playing with the machinery. Specifically, the following will not be acceptable:

  • Eating
  • Drinking
  • Chewing gum
  • Twisting headset wires
  • Sitting on the console tops/feet on console tops
  • Writing on the desk tops or dividers
  • Unnecessary pushing of buttons and switches
  • Tipping chairs back

It is therefore essential that you understand that any kind of tampering or marring of desk tops or equipment will be dealt with as an act of vandalism and that, since this is a public institution, you will be held accountable for such an act.