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Campus Instructional Technologist

Campus Instructional Technology

Campus Instructional Technologist:  Anna Sexton

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 About Me:
This is my 10th year in NISD.  I am certified in Vocational Education and have a Masters Degree in Education with a specialization in Instructional Technology.  I completed my administrative certification in 2006. 

TCEA 2008
- Go Hollywood:  A 6 hour workshop on producing videos using MovieMaker and Photostory. 
TCEA 2009- It's All Fun & Games:  A 3 hour workshop in using games in the classroom using the Game Maker program.
NECC 2008- 
     Collaborative Game Design Projects Engage the Hearts and Minds
     Budding Broadcasters: News by You
     Cuban Missile Crisis: A cross-curricular Project
     Presidential V-Election: A virtual election
TCEA 2010
     It's a Wiki Wonderland: Using Wikis as a collaborative classroom.
     It's All Fun and Games: Incorporating Games in the classroom.
     Second Life & Gaming Playground
TCEA 2011
     Google Tips and Tricks Session 110115

TCEA 2013
     Google Tips & Tricks
     Oh the Places You Will Go
     ePubs from Start to Finish
     I have an iPad/iPod, Now What? 
Texas Google Summit
     Merry Go Round the World
     Beyond the Guessing Game

ISTE 2013

     Oh the Places You Will Go Workshop
     Flipping the Classroom Showcase
     News by You- Student Showcase
     Special Interest Group for Innovative Learning Technologies (SIGilt) Panel



NEF2006- Ford Salute to Education Grant "Mobile Library" ($500)
2008- NEF Grant "Alice in Wonderland" Using the Alice program to create games. ($500)
2009- NEF Grant "It's Podtastic" An ESL project using voice recorders. ($500)
2009- NEF Grant "Highway 151" An ESL wiki project. ($500)
2009- NEF Grant "Go Hollywood" video production training classes and resources. ($500)
2010- NEF Grant "Marketing Magic" using gaming for market and advertisement ($1000)
2010- NEF Grant "Hamlet Revised" using iPods to revise the words of Hamlet ($500)
2010- NEF Grant "Flipping out for Education" using flip video cameras with ESL students ($1000)

PBWorks Certified Educator (2009)
Google Educator Academy for Administrators (March 5, 2010)

Online Resources

Site Description
various technology resources
cross-curricular project based on CMC and the Cold War
A bank of various cross curricular projects.
The advantages of creating your own ePubs to use with their mobile devices
Learn how to flip your classroom.
using Alice
Tips & Tricks on how to use Google in the Classroom
From beginners to advanced users, find iPod integration ideas that will suit your classroom.
8 cross-curricular, technology integrated lesson plans on To Kill a Mockingbird.
Get up to 12 hours of CPE or Teacher Choice in various technology applications
The resource site produced for the TCEA and NECC presentations.
Over 40+ tools to help you integrate technology into your classroom.
Fun integration projects centered around Romeo and Juliet


Lesson Plans

Title Filename Modified
play.epub 4/30/2012
voting.pdf 8/17/2009
go_hollywood.pdf 8/17/2009
history_lesson_plan.pdf 8/17/2009
theatre_LP.pdf 8/17/2009
e-portfolioLesson_Plan.pdf 8/17/2009


Title Filename Modified
computer tips and tricks.pdf 8/25/2009
GroupWise Tips and Tricks.pdf 8/25/2009
Streaming Videos for the Classroom.pdf 8/25/2009
DVD Flick.pdf 8/24/2010