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        Welcome to the Lobo Music Room!  It is a joy to be your music teacher in my 5th year here at Langley.  I grew up in the Midwest, but have lived as far away as Paraguay, South America.   Music has always been a big part of our family's life. Our oldest daughter, Rachel is a violinist, pianist,and music teacher in Cochabamba, Bolivia with her husband who is an awesome rock and jazz bass player. Paul, our middle child,  is a drummer in Chicago when he's not studying to become a hospital chaplain.  Liz is our youngest is and is a professional pianist and singer.  My husband is part of the San Antonio Symphony Singers, and I sing and play for my church choir as well as play organ for churches around San Antonio.

Here at school, my goal in music class is to help my Langley children develop:
     ¯  a love for music that will last a lifetime
     ¯  an understanding of how music reflects and influences our culture both now and throughout history
     ¯  music skills to be used for personal and group music making
     ¯  critical thinking skills and a vocabulary base in order to be able to talk and write about many styles of music.
        Activities include singing, playing movement games, playing instruments, creating music, and listening to a wide variety of styles. 

     Music content grades for Kinder-5th will be based on 60% participation/effort and 40% music skills assessments.  . 
       Behavior grades in music depend upon meeting the following classroom expectations: 1)listen and follow directions, 2) use self-control, and 3) respect people, instruments, and materials.

        My conference time is 7:45-8:30 a.m., but you can email me anytime at  or leave a message at 397-0150 x 3143.

School Song

(sung to the tune of "The Eyes of Texas")

We are the loyal Langley Lobos, 
       finest in the state.
Respecting, caring for each other
       makes our school truly great.
With hard work and preparation, 
we can handle any test.
Yes, we're the loyal Langley Lobos,
      we always do our best!

Leales Langley Lobos somos,
      una escuela sin igual.
Cuidándonos y respetándonos
      el gran honor nos da.
El empeño con esfuerzo
      el éxito traerá.
Leales Langley Lobos somos,
      siempre dando lo mejor.


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