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Third Grade


Knowlton Elementary School  

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Welcome to 3rd grade

Reading Websites

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Select "Web Books" to enjoy zany stories and books about kids just like you.

Language Arts Websites

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Practice all the skills you need to succeed in 3rd Grade in this website.
A great way to practice your nouns, verbs and adjectives.

Math Websites

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An inclusive website for everything you need to master Math.
Practice your multiplication and addition skills with these spacy activities.
Fun web site teaches you to count money
Wonderful website for practicing multipliation facts.
Select your difficulty level then arrange digits in the correct place value to find the largest number you can make.
stories will help students learn the concepts of multiplication

Science Websites

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Answers to your Science questions are all here. Check it out!
Learn about the world around you through games, online activities and videos at this website.

Social Studies Websites

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You can travel the world on your own in this website.
Learn interesting facts about world history here.