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Thank you for visiting my Outreach page! My name is Delfy Gonzalez and I feel privileged to be working as the Gifted & Talented Specialist at Knowlton Elementary. This is my 21st year as an educator and my 7th specializing with gifted learners. Our program in known as A.L.P.H.A. which is an acronym for Advanced Learning Program for High Achievers.  You may find out more information about our program as you visit the Northside GT Website.

This year's unit of study is entitled Interactions and Change in our Environment.  we will study four major biomes: frozen/non-frozen deserts, grasslands, rainforests, and salt/fresh water.  Students will be investigating and discovering how living organisms and their environments are interdependent and how environments are affected by change over time.  Finally, students will learn there are consequences for failing to adapt to environmental changes. 

This will be an exciting year in which we will continue to develop as scholars, critical and creative thinkers as we apply the elements of Depth and Complexity to our studies.



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A huge thank you to Linda Koehler, GT teacher at Ward Elementary, for putting together this FABULOUS list of resources!

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