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Counselor's Care

What does a School Counselor Do?


Your school counselor’s job is to:colorboy1colorgirl2

Counsel individuals and small groups to help meet identified needs.

Teach the guidance curriculum and assist teachers with guidance related curriculum.

Consult with teachers and administrators regarding students’ needs.

Host parenting classes

Interpret test results to students, teachers and parents.

Coordinate with school and community personnel to bring together resources for students.

Guide students in the development of educational and career plans.

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What is the Guidance Program?


The Guidance Program is a developmental educational program designed to help students acquire skills through planned education experiences and activities.  These skill are:

*         Self-Esteem Development

*         Motivation to Achieve

*         Decision-Making & Problem Solving

*         Interpersonal Effectiveness

*         Communication Skills

*         Cross-Cultural Effectiveness

*         Responsible Behavior

These skills  can be taught through guidance, small group and individual situations