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About us:

Our purpose is to help students develop their ability to find and use information effectively. This is accomplished through:

· direct instruction in information literacy

· collaboration with classroom teachers to provide technology-rich lessons in language arts, science, math, and social studies

· support of research projects and leisure reading

     Our school library collection contains over 19,000 resources such as books, video and audio cassettes, DVDs, CD-ROMs, books on cassette tape, and periodicals. Resources are available in English, Spanish, and bi-lingual. When combined with the resources of other NISD school libraries, students and teachers have access to hundreds of thousands of resources through interlibrary loan.

     The Leon Valley Lion Library encourages reading through a variety of incentives that include:

· Reading Club awards

· Accelerated Reader program with quarterly "AR Rewards Store"

· 2X2 Books and Texas Bluebonnet Books programs sponsored by the Texas Library Association

· Autumn and Spring Book Fairs

· Seasonal themes and events such as Hispanic Heritage month and Children's Book Week

·  Visits by children's authors and storytellers

                Policies & Procedures

We are open Monday—Friday from 7:30 AM to at least 3:15 PM, but closed when the librarian is at lunch, at meetings, or absent. Occasionally, the library may also be closed to regular patrons if it has been reserved for a special meeting, testing, or event.  Extended hours allow teachers and staff to pick-up and use resources before and after school. Students may use the library during school hours (7:45 AM —2:45 PM) when they come with their class or a library pass from their teacher. Students may come before or after school if they are accompanied by a parent or teacher or have a pass from their teacher.
Borrowing books:
Library books are due two weeks from the date they are checked out.

Student accounts - Kindergarten and 1st grade students may have one book checked out from our library.  Second through fifth grade students may have two books checked out. No books will be checked out to students who have overdue books or outstanding fines.

Parent/Guardian accounts - We want to encourage parents to read with their children at home. Parents may open an account and have up to five items checked out. No items will be checked out to parents/guardians who have overdue items or outstanding fines. 

We also have a “Parent Collection” of resources—books, video and audio tapes—on parenting skills and issues, and activities you can do with your children. Parents only may check out these resources.

Overdue, lost, or damaged books:

Overdue notices are sent to students on a monthly basis. There are no fines for overdue books.   However, books that are overdue by one month will be considered “lost.” Library books that are lost or damaged must be paid for by the student or adult who checked them out. No additional books will be checked out to the student or adult until their account is clear.

Computer use: 

Anyone using NISD computers must sign and comply with the district’s Acceptable Use Policy (AUP). Patrons who wish to use a computer, but who are not NISD employees or students, must complete an AUP form that is available at the circulation desk.

Library News & Events

Events in the LVE "Lion Library": 

Apr. 3  -- Student Holiday; library closed

   "   6 -- Faculty Mtg.; 3:05-4:05 PM

   "    20  -- Team Leader Mtg.; 3:05-4:05 PM

   "    21 -- STAAR Testing; library closed

   "    22  -- STAAR Testing; library closed

   "    24 -- Holiday; library closed

   "    30 -- Cafecito; 7:30-8:30 AM

    "   30 --  District Librarians Mtg.; Library closes at noon


May 11- 15 -- Spring Book Fair.  If you would like to volunteer to help, please leave a messaage at 210-397-4684, and we'll call you back.  Thanks!



     Texas Bluebonnet Nominee Books
Click on the following hyperlink to watch an overview about this year's Bluebonnet Books for 3rd-6th grade students:
                           Bluebonnet Book Overview
                          Accelerated Reader

Sponsored by the library, Accelerated Reader (AR) is a reading incentive program designed to help students improve their reading skills. Our library contains over 9,500 AR books. Students select and read these books for which there are computerized, multiple-choice quizzes that assess recall of content and reading comprehension. In addition to the joy of reading an entire book, students receive feedback through the quiz process, and accrue points when they pass quizzes. The self-reward of reading continues as students use their points to select prizes from our AR Store.

AR books and quizzes are available for 1st through 6th grade+ reading levels. The majority of books and quizzes are in English, but we have a growing number in Spanish as well. The lists of books and quizzes may be viewed via the AR computer program on campus. Or, Leon Valley’s collection of AR books and quizzes may be searched from any location with Internet access by using the following database link:

            Search Leon Valley's Accelerated Reader Quizzes


Research Links:

Online Catalog:

 Library Catalog - the online catalog of NISD school library collections. Search a specific school's collection or all school libraries simultaneously.

Subscription Databases:

NISD provides these valuable databases that are directly accessible on school campuses. Home use is also available -- see the school librarian for their internet addresses, usernames, and passwords. 

Adam Matthew —primary documents from Native American Indian History/Culture

Adam Matthew—primary documents from the American West

Discovery - video clip and image database, and teaching resources for K-12 grades. Not available for home-use by students.

EBSCO - contains multiple databases of periodical literature for elementary through university level

Gale Group - multiple databases of periodical literature and reference resources for elementary through university level

 Overdrive Digital Library - access to downloadable eBooks, audiobooks, and music 24/7

 TeachingBooks - multimedia information about authors and their books 

WorldBook Encyclopedia - 3 versions; 2 levels in English, 1 in Spanish.

MetaSearch Engines & Directories:

  Ask for Kids



General Reference & News:

   San Antonio Public Library 

  Leon Valley Public Library

  San Antonio Express-News


Language Arts:

  Webster's Dictionary

  Roget's Thesaurus

  Rhyming Dictionary

  Homonym List


  Citing your sources for projects and research papers                         

 Math & Science:

 Patterns in Mathematics

 Math Dictionary for Kids


 Smithsonian Institution

 The Nine Planets

 Biomes & Ecosystems


 How Stuff Works 


 Art & Music:

 Famous Paintings


 Social Studies: US & Texas

 50 States & Capitals

 Stately Knowledge

 Presidents of the United States

 Ben's Guide to Government

 Congress for Kids

 White House

 Our Documents

 The Handbook of Texas

 Native Americans in Texas

 Texas Beyond History

 Texas History and Social Studies

 Daughters of the Republic of Texas Library at the Alamo

 Texas Indians

 InfoPlease Biographies


To contact us:

Leon Valley Elementary School Library

7111 Huebner Road

San Antonio, Texas 78240

Phone: 210-397-4684         Fax: 210-706-7391



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