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Marty Ortega, Vice Principal

 I am excited to be the Vice Principal of Boone Elementary! 

I am thankful everyday to be working with such a wonderful group of students, community and staff.  I believe students are the center and heart of our school – they are the reason we join together. It is important to me to build trust and recognize the variety of student needs within our diverse student culture and respond to these needs in ways that promote social and academic success.

I started my educational career as a teacher (I even taught 4th grade at Boone many years ago!). I have taught both elementary and middle school.  I then earned a degree in Counseling and was a counselor in Northside for 13 years.  After earning my degree in Educational Leadership I joined the Boone staff as Vice Principal.

Since I was a counselor for many years, I built a belief that the core to learning is self-esteem. Children must believe in themselves and know that others also have high expectations for them. Children have an immense ability to learn and a natural curiosity of life. It is an educator’s job to capitalize on that potential and give them the thirst for more knowledge.  I believe Boone is a school where this happens!

I am proud to be a Boone Mustang!