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Deborah Gershman

Welcome to Mrs. Gershman's Class!


Let's Talk!

Conference Time: 10:45 - 11:30

Lunch Time: 11:35 - 12:05

You can call me at (210)397-1490 ext.3180

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Welcome to our PreK classroom!  We explore and experience new topics with wonder and enthusiasm.  Our half day program allows us to serve more students, and is the perfect time span for four to five year olds.  


About your teacher

Though I'm not a native Texan, I've lived in San Antonio for twenty two years.  I have two grown children who both live in Texas.  I started out teaching Kindergarten, but switched to PreK when I came to Boone.  I got my bachelors degree at UTSA and this is my seventeenth year teaching.  I love my job!  boy doing math

Daily Schedule

The AM Class is PreK and PPCD Collaboration.  The PM Class is a Stand Alone PreK. 

  •  7:50   Greeting Time/Calendar, Math Action Wall                                           
  •  8:10   Small Group Time/Math, Science, and/or Literacy Tubs                            
  •  8:55   Recess                             
  •  9:15   Snack                                                                
  •  9:25   Large Group & Planning Time/Language Arts or Library               
  •  9:45  WorkTime/Centers                                                                                       
  • 10:30  Clean up & Reflect
  • 10:40  Dismissal                                                                                                    girl                                                              
  • 10:45 Conference Time 


  • 11:30    PM Class arrival
  • 11:35    Lunch
  • 12:10   Small Group Time/Math, Science, and/or Literacy Tubs
  • 12:35   Greeting Time/Calendar & Math Action Wall 
  • 12:55   Large Group & Planning Time/Language Arts or Library                                    
  • 1:20     Work Time/Centers                                     
  • 1:50    Recess
  • 2:15    Snack
  • 2:30   Clean up & Reflect
  • 2:40   Dismissal  


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