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ALPHA - Kerry Keller

Advanced Learning Program for High Acheivers


Law and Justice 

Hello Boone Mustangs!  I am Kerry Keller.  I have been teaching for 31 years and 23 of those are in the gifted program.  I truly enjoy working with the gifted students in order to obtain a higher level of learning incorporating High Order Thinking Skills.  In this class we set goals and do projects that incorporate scholarly behaviors and Depth and Complexity.

I am servicing two schools - Thornton and Boone.  If you need to contact me, the best way is by email.  Click here to email me.  You can contact me by phone:

Mondays, Tuesdays, and alternate Wednesdays at Thornton:  210-397-3990 Ext. 3102

Thursdays, Fridays, and alternate Wednesdays at Boone:  210-397-1490  Ext. 3163

My conference times are limited to after school on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays, & Fridays.  Please request any parent conferences for Wednesdays.




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Student Websites about Law and Justice

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Learn more about the three branches of government
Find out how a bill is introduced to Congress. Will your bill pass or get vetoed?
Make your own invention and apply for a copyright.
Practice being President for a day
Find out more about the job of an FBI Agent
Practice the reasons why lawyers object!
You need to know your Ammendments to do well on this game.
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