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Let's Catch the Spirit of Art

My phone number is 397-1490, ext. 3171.


Hello and welcome to the Boone Elementary Art Studio. This is a very busy, productive, but messy place. If you come, be sure to wear durable clothes and be ready to get your hands into a project.

Students attend art class on a six day rotation. We study a variety of art styles, famous artists, and how art affects our world. We are all artists, and our students are encouraged to explore a vast array of media through the art projects presented.





E= Excellent

S= Satisfactory

N= Needs Improvement

U= Unsatisfactory

Grades are also given for citizenship/conduct.

E:  No marks in student's folder

S:  One or two marks in student's folder

N: More than 3 marks in student's folder

U:  Violent or destructive behavior/Write up to the office

Boone Art Gallery

Student artwork is on display in our halls. Please check in with the Office before strolling the halls to view the exhibits.  We will also have exhibits during the year at NAC, Central Office, and the Fine Arts Festival.

** NAC**

We will have student work in an exhibit at Central Office:

Dates to be Announced 

Cluster Exhibit at Marshall High:



Thanks for visiting.

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