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Tips to be successful this summer!

Welcome to Ms. J. Dickerson's website!  I am so glad that you took the time to drop by and check it out! 

Here are some tips to help YOU-help your child at home with reading and math.  Student success at ANY grade level depends highly on their ability to read AND comprehend as well as knowing and understand all addition, subtraction, multiplication and division facts.


1. Children should be checking out AR (Accelerated Reader) books from the school library each week.  A note will be sent home explaining Fifth Grade requirements. Please let me know if you did not recieve that note.

2. Students should be reading each night at home. Extensive reading will be done in class whole group, small group and independently.

3.  Take time to check out novels that relate to your child's interests. Fostering a LOVE for reading at home will motivate your child to read academically and enjoy it.

4. Personal Journals (diaries) at home are also a great way to allow children to express themselves in their own way. Also, journaling helps us to add more voice, tone and detail which they will do a lot of at school.

5. Reading Nonfiction books will help your child to learn technical language and vocabulary.  It's also an interesting way to find new information. 


1. Practice mulitplication and division facts each night.

2. Have students use money in the stores to pay for their own items. This will give them more opportunities to use and count money.



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Here are some sites that you can search at home that will enrich your children's skills in Fifth Grade! Happy searching!!

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