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Lynn Kirkland

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My goal as a Special Education Support Teacher is twofold: 

           *  To be supportive with students as they experience success in math, reading and language arts 

           *  To be supportive and engaging with  students as they gain strength in their self-confidence, self-esteem  and personal responsiblity in their learning.

Work Background

      I have been a school teacher for 30 years now--teaching mostly in elementary, 2 years in middle school, and 3 years in high school.

      I have also worked as a Mental Health Counselor for 6 years with adolescents and young adults.   

      For the past thirteen years here at McDermott, I have specifically served children identified as Special Education Students with behavioral issues and/or children struggling with their learning in Math, Reading, and Writing. The latest adventure has been serving as a co-teacher in a collaborative classroom with special needs students.


Educational Background  

           * a BA in Elementary Education with a minor in English

           * three M. A. 's --one  in Mental Health Counseling with a Specialization in Substance Abuse and             Sexual Abuse, one in theology, one in adolescent growth and development


         *  fishing, landscaping, music, and biking

Special Education: Special Education Support Teacher

A Specialized Education Teacher primary focus is to assist students who are functioning below their grade/age level development in academics as well as their Social Skills.  Our focus is to close the gap between the student's present functioning and what is being expected of them in the general education classroom. Our goal is to help our students become more successful, responsible learners in their educational process. 

Mc Dermott ES is beginning its second year using the Collaborative Model of teaching which entails Special Education Teachers co-teaching with the General Education Teachers of Students with special learning needs in academics.  This year Mcdermott will have the Collaboration Model  at all grade levels.


Site Description
Destination math, found in the Mc Dermott Web site is an excellent support for those having difficulty in particular areas of the math curriculum
This website is a really useful site for children. It provides activities for review in math, reading, writing, etc. for the primary grade students.

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