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Tom Knapp


My name is Tom Knapp, the principal of Fisher Elementary since its opening in 2006. I consider myself very fortunate to be a part of this wonderful learning community. During the span of my 8 year teaching career, I taught fourth and fifth grades in NEISD, NISD and SAISD. My administrative experiences include vice principal assignments at Knowlton and Cable Elementary schools.

It continues to be a fulfilling experience to work with such an outstanding staff, excellent students and a supportive and generous community. We have met our initial goal of becoming an exemplary campus. Our new academic goals for this school year are to work to maintain exemplary status on state accountability measures and to strive to help students become responsible, caring, trustworthy and well educated individuals. We feel that an established partnership between students, parents, staff and community members greatly increases success levels with respects to both goals.

We encourage families to find a little time each day to work together on homework and for parents to stay involved in their child's school career.  We also invite you to share any comments, concerns, suggestions for improvement, and celebrations as we strive to continue our successful ways.


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