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Alignment Show Jay High School Founder's Day Feb. 6, 2014

Artfest April 12,2014

Current Events - Art Department -What's going on at Michael?

Kinder- Finger paint & Clay Prints

1st- Collage- Picasso

2nd- Georgia O'Keeffe-Land forms & Flowers

3rd- Romero Britto-  3D Sculptures

4th- In the style of Henri Matisse-Collage

5th- Plaster Mask Making & Clay Letters

I'm Mrs.Lansford the Art Specialist!

I have been an Art Teacher for 18 years!! I graduated from Texas State University.
I am married and have three adult children!! I love teaching art at Michael! The students are so eager to learn and are very creative! Art Rocks!!
The Visual Art Philosophy for this year is...
  • Student Centered
  • Process Oriented
  • Originality/Creativity Focused
  • High Visibility Keyed

Keep a look out for all the art contests that we will be doing this year. I will be sending home information throughout the year on various poster contests. 

A few of these contests are...

  • Fire Prevention
  • Reflections/PTA Sponsored
  • Los Leones
  • Art Fest


 You can reach me at 397-3900 ext. 3138

:)  Mrs. Lansford



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Draw and design
Clip art
Cubism faces
Creat a solid space of color using dots.
Create Snowflakes
math and art

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Michael Elementary 8/27/2012 7:40 AM
Art Room D108 10/3/2013 2:45 PM

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