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Parent Involvement

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Welcome to our Parent Involvement page.  We hope you find the information on this page to be very helpful in getting more involved in your child's education.  In addition, we have also posted many links to resources for you and your family.

You may also want to check out our school's PTA page so you can join in the fun!

Helpful Documents

Title Filename Modified
Meadow Village Campus PI Policy (1) (3).doc 4/24/2014
famsurvey2014-15-english.pdf 10/6/2014
Parent Notification.docx 10/22/2014
Notificación a los Padres.docx 10/22/2014
six_types_of_parental_involvement_0.ppt 10/6/2014
Spanish Policy.docx 10/22/2014

Meeting Information

Title Filename Modified
Agenda January 29th.docx 1/31/2015
PIC October 22, 2014.docx 1/31/2015
Roster of Parent Involvement committee.docx 9/20/2014
Agenda December 10th.docx 1/31/2015
PIC Minutes Dec.10,2014.docx 1/30/2015
Agenda February 25th .docx 3/18/2015
PIC Minutes February 25, 2015 (1).docx 3/18/2015
Agenda January 29th.docx 1/30/2015
PIC Minutes Jan. 29, 2015 (3).docx 1/30/2015
March 25th PIC Minutes.docx 5/15/2015
Agenda March 25th.docx 5/15/2015
Agenda May 6, 2015.docx 5/15/2015
May 6,2015 Minutes.docx 5/15/2015
PIComm. 11-19-14.docx 1/31/2015
Parental Involvement Minutes 10-22-14 (1).docx 10/27/2014
September 17th minutes.docx 10/5/2014
Agenda September 24,2014.docx 10/7/2014
Title One Meeting Agenda (1).docx 9/15/2014
Title One Minutes September 9, 2014.doc 9/15/2014

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