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I am the proud librarian for Ott Elementary and a product of NISD.  Many years ago (don't ask when), I attended Helotes Elementary then Stevenson Middle School and finally graduated John Marshall H.S.  Later I went on to attend Baylor University and received my teaching certification from UTSA.  I taught for NISD as a fifth grade teacher for several years.  I loved teaching so much that I wanted to share the joy with future teachers.  So for seven years, I taught Reading courses at UTSA.  However, I missed the little kids more than I can say.  I wanted new adventure in teaching.  I received my library certification from the University of North Texas.  I am thrilled to be at Ott Elementary.   I know that we will have many book adventures together this year.

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Before you watch the movie, read the graphic novel. Tintin the boy reporter has been solving mysteries and going on adventures for decades. This website has a ton of interesting facts about the book including pictures of the new movie.