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Aaron Rios


Oliver Wendell Holmes High School

Course Description

Mariachi Class

The Mariachi class is desinged to not only educate the student in music but to raise awarness of Mexican Culture and history as well.  In today's society Mariachi is still viewed as a "poor man's" style of music and still carries many negative stereotypes.  In this class, we visit these stereotypes and discuss on ways to turn these views in a positive way and discuss how we can change these feelings by our actions and showing our pride for the Music, History, Language and Culture.  The Mariachi class is performance based and each student must Sing and play and instrument at the same time.     

About Mariachi Oro

Contact Information

phone: 397-7000 ext. 3129


Conference: By Appointment

Class Schedule

Period Class Time
1st Pat Neff Middle School 8:30-9:15
2nd Pat Neff Middle School 9:19-10:04
3rd Pat Neff Middle School 10:08-10:53
4th Travel Time  
5th Conference 12:33-1:21
6th Advanced Mariachi    1:27-2:15


Mariachi 1,2 2:21-3:11
8th Mariachi 1,2 3:17-4:05

Mariachi online

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