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School Supply List 2013-2014


6th and 7th grade:
3” binder (to be used for all classes)
8 folders w/holes (to be kept in binder)
Zip pencil pouch for binder
3-5 packs of notebook paper (for use all year)
#2 pencils
Blue/black pens
1 pack of color pencils 
1 pack of 10 count markers OR crayons
Glue sticks
5-7 composition books/spirals (to be used for each academic class)
4 pack Post-It Notes
(6th grade only)

Construction paper (6th grade only)

Scissors (6th grade only)

Clear Tape (6th grade only)


8th grade:
5-7 composition/spiral books (for each academic class)
*Pre-AP Science students will need a composition book that is graphed*
Index cards
5-7 folders
Notebook paper
Construction paper
1 pack of color pencils 
1 packs of 10 count markers OR crayons
#2 pencils
Blue/black pens
Glue Sticks


Donation Items: (not required, but appreciated)
Additional Pens/pencils
Hand Sanitizer
Additional markers and crayons

*Elective classes may have additional minimum requirements determined by the nature of the elective.

Permanent markers, Sharpies, liquid paper (correction fluid) are NOT allowed on campus

Students can only use a Mesh/See-through backpack, NO EXCEPTIONS