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Welcome To Scarborough

Never Settle for
Less Than the Best!
Scarborough Huskies, Leading the Pack!!
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Info for Summer 2011

Title Filename Modified
Grade_2.pdf 6/1/2011
Grade_3.pdf 6/1/2011
Grade_4.pdf 6/1/2011
Grade_5.pdf 6/1/2011
Grade_1.pdf 6/4/2011
Kinder.pdf 6/1/2011
Summer Math.pdf 6/1/2011
SummerReading_Log.pdf 5/26/2011

School Supply Lists for 2011-12

Title Filename Modified
Briscoe_6thGradeSupplyList.pdf 5/12/2011

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Check your child's grades, attendance, and standardized test scores.
Required for all who volunteer at Northside schools!

Campus Procedures, etc.

Title Filename Modified
Birthday Celebrations.pdf 12/20/2008

Fun Stuff

Click to hear the school song:

Review the Pillars, then GOODBYE!

Hello, we're here, to share what we have learned
We'd like to dedicate this song to Mrs. Keairnes.

Respect is earned, tell the truth and do not lie,
When Mrs. Keairnes says give me five, open both your ears and eyes.

Caring for you comes very easily.
Your feelings count, I want you to share them with me.

Trustworthiness means you can count on me the first time,
I'll try my best to get the job done right.

Fairness means I don't mind taking turns,
I know I won't always get to be first.

Citizenship means I'm proud to be a Husky,
The colors I wear are red and black so proudly.

Responsibility is on my mind,
Get up, Get dressed, make sure to be on time.

So long, farewell, and now we all must go.
We've learned so much, the time has really flown.

Goodbye, Goodbye, Goodbye!!