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Athletic Training





Head Athletic Trainer:   Domingo C. Sifuentes III   L.A.T.

             Coach Sifuentes has been working at O'Connor High School since 2008.  Before that. Domingo graduated from Texas State University in 4 years and received a Bachelors in Science with a major in Athletic Training and a Minor in Health.  Coach Sifuentes is licensed in the state of Texas for Athletic Training and also to teach Health K-12.

If you need to contact Coach Sifuentes:

Office Number: (210) 397-4846 


Assistant Athletic Trainer:    Maddie Elder  ATC, L.A.T.

Coach Mauritz is in her second year working at O'Connor High School. Maddie graduated from Texas A&M University with Bachelors of Science in Kinesiolgy and then with a Masters of Science in Athletic Training. Coach Mauritz is a Licensed Athletic Trainer in the state of Texas and also certified to teach Physical Education K-12. 

If you need to contact Coach Elder:

Office Number: (210) 397-4859

Student Athletic Trainers

Head Student Athletic Trainer: Myranda Stauch


Student Athletic Trainers: Hanna Hampton Aubree Elling 
  Sam Reyes Calista Umbel
  Sierra Guzman Haiee Picena
  Arianna Acuna Caroline Balderena
  Kendalle Chase Alyssa Rocha
  Madison Mays Hannah Galindo
  M'Lee Stanton Evan Stauch


Student Athletic Trainer Try-Out Information

Students interested in trying out to become a Student Athletic Trainer must talk to Coach Sifuentes or Coach Elder about the Application Try-Out Packet.

Spring Football Starts April 28, So packets must be turned and meet the requirements by listed date on the try-out packet to be eligible to try-out. 

Athletic Training Room Rules

1.  ALL students in athletics MUST have the appropriate UIL physical forms on file in the athletic training room before they are cleared to participate in their sport and or recieve treatment. This includes any practice, before, during or after school, both in-season and out-of-season. The paperwork MUST be turned into the Athletic Trainers for review before being cleared.
2.  Morning treatments are for In-Season sports injuries only unless otherwise directed by the athletic trainers.  Off-Season sports injuries are done during the sports athletic period or afterschool if no coverage is needed.
3.  Report all injuries to the athletic trainers and/or coaches. Injuries should be reported as soon as possible. If you miss morning treatment time during in-season sports, you will not be allowed to miss class unless there is an emergency.

4. We DO NOT accept notes from parents excusing you from participation if you are sick or injured.  It MUST be a physician’s prescribed plan for treatment! Please report for treatment at scheduled times!
5.  Please notify the athletic trainers if you plan to see a doctor for your injury. Athletes MUST submit a doctor’s note immediately upon return to school. We must follow doctor’s orders, including return-to-play guidelines. If you are seen by a doctor you can only be cleared to play by a doctor unless otherwise indicated.

6.  If you are injured outside of school sponsored activities please DO NOT come to the athletic training room for an evaluation.  All club sponsored activities DO NOT fall under school sponsored activities. You must visit your own physician and request an evaluation.  Rehabilitation for such injuries will be at the discretion of the Athletic Trainer.
7.  Report to your coach at the start of the period before coming for treatment. Immediately after treatments are over you will report back to your coach.  Athletes will continue treatments until CLEARED by the athletic trainer or doctor.
8.  Morning treatments are from 7:30-8:40 am every school day unless school activities are directed.  

9.  Dress appropriately for the athletic training room. NO sports bras, skirts, etc. Also, we do not allow shoes to be worn in the athletic training room for sanitary reasons.  

10.  The athletic training room is not a place to "HANG-OUT" or "LOUNGE". It is a medical environment and should be treated as so.

Being in the Athletic Training Room is not an excuse for being late to practice!!!

Team Doctors


         Here at O'Connor we are privileged to have our athletes get treated by our team orthopedic doctors, whom also are employed by the San Antonio Spurs, San Antonio Rampage, San Antonio Silver Stars, San Antonio Missions, and among various Colleges throughout the city.  Our athletes will be seen by appointment when injured with the appropriate Insurance.  The Sports Medicine Associates of San Antonio have two offices that our athletes can be seen: 

21 Spurs Ln # 300
San Antonio, TX 78240
(210) 699-8326
5921 Broadway
San Antonio, TX 78209
(210) 822-8326
Sports Medicine Associates of San Antonio Website:
Our Team Orthopedic Doctors are:
....  pic

Sports Medicine Associates Saturday Morning Clinic
Our team orthopedic doctors will have a Saturday morning walk-in clinic from August 14th until the end of the year. The clinic will run from 7am to 10am unless otherwise posted. If an athlete or parent feels free to go to this clinic we strongly recommed that he/she see us first to evualate the extent of the injury and make further recommendations.
Items needed when attending clinic are: 
-  Insurance card
-  Identification Card
-  Insurance claim form if provided by O'Connor Athletic Trainers.
After the athlete is seen by our team doctors, it is important the they provide us a copy of the doctor's note. 

Medical Services



The Texan Urgent Care is located 2.5 miles from our high school for any injured athlete and is located at:


9234 North Loop 1604 W #110
San Antonio, TX 78249

(210) 257-0736 



The Texas MedClinic is located 9 miles from our high school for any injured athlete and is located at:

9207 North Loop 1604 West
San Antonio, TX, 78249
(210) 695-4884


The Baptist Emergency Hospital is located 6 miles from our high school for any injured athlete and is located at:

8230 North Loop 1604 West - View location details

8230 N Loop 1604 W
San Antonio, TX, 78249


Insurance Information

All athletes at O'Connor High School are to have current/active medical insurance before trying out with a sport or before the practice starts. If no insurance is available, then the athlete and guardian (Parents) can purchase school insurance from TxMonarch.  The website will guide you through the steps:

-Athletes purchasing school insurance need to bring a copy of the receipt of payment to the athletic trainers.

Athletic Physicals Information

With the 2014-2015 year approaching, all 2014-2015 NISD athletic packets will have to be turned in prior to competition or try-outs. Our 2014-2015 NISD athletic packets are located on the website listed under Forms. NISD athletic packets have to be evaluated and cleared by our athletic trainers Coach Sifuentes and Coach Elder. If packets are completed, they should be turned in before school ends on June 5, 2014. Any physical completed after June 5, please scan and email them to athletic trainers, Coach Sifuentes and Coach Elder at the below emails:

"In the summer, please do not drop 2014-15 NISD Athletic Packets at the O'Connor administration building"

The 2014-2015 NISD athletic packed consists of 4 pages:

-The first page is the athlete medical history that has to be completed and signed by the athlete and parent.

-The second page is the doctor physical examination, which has to be completed, cleared, and signed by the doctor administering the physical.

-The top of the third page is the air quality alert parent signature and should only be signed by parent if athlete is diagnosed with asthma or prescribed an inhaler. An athlete will not be cleared to participate without completion of the 2014- 2015 Asthma Form listed on our webpage by their asthma doctor.

-The third page also consists of the Cardiac Arrest Awareness, Concussion Acknowledgement, UIL Random Steroid Testing, and UIL Acknowledgment Rules that have to be signed by the athlete and parent.  (There will a seperate page insert in which the parent/guardian can read and keep about the information on "Cardiac Arrest Awareness, Concussion Acknowledgement, UIL Random Steroid Testing, and UIL Acknowledgment Rules")

-In addition to that, in the third page, there will be an Insurance Information Section in which the Parent/Guardian will have a choice of three options: Personal insurance, Military insurance, and School insurance to pick from, in which the athlete will be covered under. All insurance information should be filled out with the insurance name, policy/group #, and if the plan is HMO or PPO. If purchasing school insurance, insurance must be purchased through Insurance can be bought with a credit card, and please print out certificate of purchase and bring to the Athletic Trainers to confirm purchase.

No athletes will be cleared without insurance.

If you have any questions, please contact

Coach Sifuentes (210)397-4846


Coach Elder (210)397-4859

Please Contact Us Through Our School E-MAILs in the Summer Days



For O'Connor Coaches Only   





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