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This link takes you to our classroom blog.  Check here for links to assignments, outside resources and excellent examples of student work.

This video shows students how to save to Sfiles as well as how to use the Turn-in folder:


Title Filename Modified
Farcebook formatting directions.doc 10/6/2011
Farcebook 1.doc 10/6/2011
Farcebook 2.doc 10/6/2011
Farcebook 3.doc 10/8/2011

English II

Title Filename Modified
Of Mice and Men Literary Vocabulary.docx 10/18/2014
Of Mice and Men Project Ideas.docx 10/16/2014
OMaM Test Review 2013.docx 10/20/2014
Of Mice and Men Study Guide v2.docx 10/18/2014
My Name student essay.docx 8/27/2014
The Pie 1 page.docx 8/27/2014
Academic Vocabulary Notes w blanks.docx 8/27/2014
Academic Vocabulary.pptx 8/27/2014
Memoir Vocabulary Terms 2014.doc 8/29/2014
Prepositions.doc 8/29/2014
Midnight.docx 8/30/2014
The Purpose of Compassion exemplification.docx 8/30/2014
compound and complex sentence practice.docx 9/6/2014
Exploding the moment.pdf 9/6/2014
Exploding the Moment sample.pdf 9/13/2014
Memoir and Academic Voc Review 2013.docx 9/13/2014
Quotation-Marks-WS-2.pdf 9/13/2014
Reflexive Exemplification Peer ConferencingTool.doc 9/16/2014
Exemplification Webbing.docx 9/6/2014


Title Filename Modified
English II syllabus 2014 2015.docx 8/30/2014

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