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I have been teaching for 20 years and I love what I do!  I believe that proper nutrition is one of the keys to a healthy, fulfilling life.  I share nutrition information that can improve your child's quality of life, including their performance in school.  Knowledge is power and knowing why packaged,processed and GMO foods are destroying our nations health gives students the power to make a change.

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   8:50 - 9:38

Lifetime Nutrition and Wellness


9:45 - 10:33

Lifetime Nutrition and Wellness 


10:40 - 11:30

Lifetime Nutrition and Wellness


11:37 - 12:25

 Lifetime Nutrition and Wellness 


12:32 - 1:20



1:27 - 2:15

Lifetime Nutrition and Wellness 


2:22 - 3:10

Lifetime Nutrition and Wellness


3:17 - 4:05






Family, Careers and Community Leaders of America

Semster Syllabus

Lifetime Nutrition and Wellness Semester Syllabus

  Unit 1 General Nutrition Principals (3 weeks)

  1. a. Nutrients

    b. Effects of Nutrition

    c. Dietary Guidelines

  2. Unit 2 Lifetime effects of Nutrition and Wellness (1 week)

    a. Effects of Food Choices

    b. Nutritional Needs for the Life Cycle and Lifestyle

    c. Nutrition Content and Portion Sizes

  3. Unit 3 Digestion and Metabolism (3 weeks)

    a. Process of Digestion and Metabolism

    b. Physical activity and Fitness

    c. Balance of Caloric Intake and Use

  4. Unit 4 Effective Work Habits (1 week)

    a. Teamwork

    b. Time Management

    c. Problem Solving

  5. Unit 5 Food Safety and Sanitation (3 weeks)

    a. Food and Equipment

    b. Food-borne Illness

    c. Hygiene

  6. Unit 6 Food Management Principles (6 weeks)

    a. Recipes and measurements

    b. Preparation Techniques

    c. Purchasing and storage strategies

    d. Table service, Presentation and Etiquette

  7. Unit 7 Careers in Nutrition (1 week)

    a. Training and Education

    b. Setting Goals

       c. Entrepreneurship

 While key concepts are emphasized during the designated time frame, many concepts are fluid and taught throughout the semester.



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Find out how many calories are in your favorite foods.
Organic, locally raised and grown food delivered free of charge to your doorstep!! Check it out!
Food Rules is a basicguide for what to eat and why. A great resource for families.
Find out what is really in the food you eat by scanning the bar code.
Creating balanced meals using proper portions.

Resource Books

Food Rules by Michael Pollan

"Eat real food."  With these three simple words, Michael Pollan simplifies the how and why of healthy eating. 

Lifetime Nutrition and Wellness and Handouts

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