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Rebels Orchestra

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Thank you for a wonderful year students!

Rebel Orchestra ROCKS!!


(Might be postpone if the renovations are not completed)

Monday-Friday August 12-16th, 2013

9am - 12pm Sul Ross MS Orchestra Room

*Cost is free and all students enrolled in Intermediate & Advance Orchestra are invited to attend.

*We will start beginners when school begins so that everyone can start at the same time! :)

Snacks & drinks will be provided everyday.

Friday, August 16th Free Pizza



For 7th Grade Orchestra Musicians:

Wednesday, August 21st from 5-6 pm.


For 6th Grade Orchestra Musicians: 

Thursday, August 22nd from 5-6 pm. 


Buy your orchestra supplies & instrumental rental 

before school starts on Monday, August 26th to avoid the rush. 

Orchestra supplies list are posted to the right. 

Mrs. Man May

Contact information:

email:      phone: 210.397.6368

Conference time: 3-3:40 pm

Mrs. May is full time at Sul Ross MS for 2012-2013. 


Music Websites with MP3

Buy Sheet Music at:
RBC Music Company 

Music Program:

Audacity is a program where you can slow down a song. It's free.

Phone Apps

1. MetroTimer

2. Pro Metronome

3. Tap Metronome

4. DaTuner

5. iBeat

6. Steinway Metronome

Look for any other free apps to help you play better. 



1st Period


Intermediate Orch.

2nd Period


Beginner Orch.

3rd Period


Advance Orch.




Lunch/Lunch Duty

Lunch/Lunch Duty

Lunch/Lunch Duty

6th period


Philharmonic Orch.

7th Period


Chamber Orchestra

8th Period




2012-2013 Audition Results

Advance Orchestra:

  1. 1.     David Mares
  2. 2.     Jesse Badillo
  3. 3.     Laura Bradshaw
  4. 4.     Zachary Baladhay
  5. 5.     Colin Cope
  6. 6.     Diego Govea
  7. 7.     Michael Gutierrez
  8. 8.     Felicity Alcoser
  9. 9.     James Gamez

10.Ivan Gonzalez

11.Jacob Longoria

12.Lessly Rodriguez

13.Faith Villanueva

14.Jesse Bariientos

15.Jeffrey Burgess

16.Mya Candelaria

17.Hector Canizales

18.Joshua Carrion

19.Breanna Garcia

20.McKenna Hernandez

21.Tarah Iracheta

22.Francise Llamas

23.Marissa Morales

24.Judy Marie Quiroz Yanez

25.Francisco Ruiz

26.Jacob Sales

27.Valerie Trevino

28.Juliana TJ Vazquez

Intermediate Orchestra:

  1. 1.     Jose Renteria Rios
  2. 2.     Jesse Sanchez
  3. 3.     Adalina Torres
  4. 4.     Julian Martinez


Extra Credit Opportunities:

Extracurricular Music Opportunities!

University of Texas San Antonio (UTSA) Strings Project

Starts in the fall semester: Full Tuition - $150, Half Tuition - $75

Youth Orchestra of San Antonio (YOSA)

Starts in the fall semester. Scholarships are available!

Interesting Sites

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Audition dates and more
I dare you!

Class handouts

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Advance Orchestra

Work on Solo/Ensemble Music:

  1. Suzuki Book
  2. Scales 

All music must be highlighted & marked with fingerings/arrows.

Beginner Orchestra

Work on Solo/Ensemble Music:

  1. Suzuki Book
  2. Scales 

All music must be highlighted & marked with fingerings/arrows

Intermediate Orchestra

Work on Solo/Ensemble Music:

  1. Suzuki Book
  2. Scales 

All music must be highlighted & marked with fingerings/arrows

Orchestra Links

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