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Halloran, Mark


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Contact Information: 397-5253

Credentials / Background:

Certified through Texas State University in Trades & Industry . I have a Texas teaching certificate and I an certified by the American Welding Society in D1.1 structual steel welding. To date I have twenty-one years teaching experience.

Prior to teaching I was employed for fifteen years in the Oil & Gas Industry where I built precision machine parts and welded and fabricated items used in the exploration of oil and gas.

I enjoy teaching. My passion is to teach students varrious skills that are required to be competitive in today's industry. I expect quality work and this is what I instill in my students.

Thanks for the opportunity to work with your student.

Principles of Manufacturing 1st period 8:50 - 9:40  Room E-103
Principles of Manufacturing 2nd period 9:45 - 10:35  Room E-103
Principles of Manufacturing 3rd period 10:40 - 11:30  Room E-103
Lunch 4th period 11.35 - 12:25  Room E-103
Conference 5th period 12:30 - 1: 20  Room E-103
Flexible Manufacturing 6th period 1:25 - 2:15  Room E-103

Advanced Flexible & Flexible Manufacturing

7th period 2:20 - 3:10  Room E-103

Adv Flexible & Flexible Manufacturing

8th period 3:15 - 4:05  Room E-103

Classroom Procedures

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Dress safety rules.doc 8/24/2013

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