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Cheryl Brown


This is my ninth year teaching at Clark and in teaching overall. I graduated from UTSA in 2003 with my BS in Chemistry. I attended Baylor University from 1995-1998. My certification is in Composite Science. I was born and raised in San Antonio and went to Robert E. Lee HS, class of '95.

My extracurricular activities include camping, biking, hiking, rafting, soccer (although I haven't played in awhile :) I also am a trombone player and play in a polka band and a motown funk band.

I am very excited about this new school year at Clark and look forward to meeting each and every one of you!


To contact me, please call my direct line, 397-5243 or by email

I can also be found in room C227.


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I have the pleasure of working with Laura A. Garza who has been teaching English for 15 years. She is my counterpart in Credit Retrieval and is helping students with English while I will be focusing on Math and Science.


My schedule for the 2014-2015 school year is as follows:

Period 0 8:00 - 8:40 Credit Retrieval 
Period 1 8:50 - 9:40 Credit Retrieval
Period 2 9:45 - 10:35 Credit Retrieval
Period 3 10:40 - 11:30 Lunch               
Period 4 11:35 - 12:25 Credit Retrieval
Period 5 12:30 - 1:20 Credit Retrieval
Period 6 1:25 - 2:15 Credit Retrieval      
Period 7 2:20 - 3:10 Conference
Period 8 3:15 - 4:05

Planning Period  

Period 9 4:15 - 5:00

Credit Retrieval    [Only Monday - Thursday]

moving paws


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