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Garcia, Camille


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Camille Garcia

Tom C. Clark High School

English II


  • B.A. English (Minor in Secondary Education and Reading)- University of the Incarnate Word, Summa Cum Laude
  • Recipient of The University of The Incarnate Word's Constance Pollock Murnane English Award
  • ABYDOS Trained 


1st Period (8:50-9:40) English 2

2nd Period (9:45-10:35) English 2

3rd Period (10:40-11:30) English 2

4th Period (11:35-12:25) Lunch/Connections

5th Period (12:30-1:20) English 2

6th Period (1:25-2:15) Conference

7th Period (2:20-3:10) English 3

8th Period (3:15-4:05) English 3


  • All work done in class will be uploaded to this web page.  Major Grades will be in ALL CAPS..
  • If you are in need of tutoring, please see me to set up a time before or after school.
  • Parents, you can now enter your info online by visiting my google form: Parent Info

English 2: Writer's Notebook

Title Filename Modified
JournalEntries.doc 12/20/2014
Writer'sNotebookContents Eng II.doc 12/16/2014
MY MOTHER PIECED QUILTS (1).docx 12/16/2014
14-15 Eng II Policies.doc 8/15/2014
Writing Territories Heart.docx 8/15/2014
Introductory Paragraphs Journal.doc 9/9/2014
Transition Words.doc 9/9/2014
Body Paragraphs Journal.doc 9/9/2014
Grammar Sheet.doc 9/9/2014
P.E.E.L..doc 9/9/2014
list of prepositions.docx 9/14/2014
Characteristics of a Tragic Hero.docx 10/25/2014
A.P.E Antigone.doc 10/21/2014
Irony Journal Entry.docx 10/25/2014
Elements of Fiction Journal Entry.doc 10/21/2014
Types of Conflict Journal Entry.doc 10/31/2014
Allusion Writer's Tools.doc 10/31/2014
13-14 Tragic Hero chart (1).docx 11/12/2014
Ratiocination[1].pdf 12/16/2014
MLAJournalEntry.doc 11/13/2014
Plot and Literary Terms Journal Entry.doc 12/10/2014
Theme.doc 12/10/2014
Inference Journal Entry.doc 12/10/2014
MoodJournalEntry.doc 12/15/2014

English 2: 3rd 6 Weeks

Title Filename Modified
Tragic Hero Essay Outline.doc 11/12/2014
IntroParagraphGraphicOrganizer.doc 11/12/2014
BodyParagraphGraphicOrganizer.doc 11/12/2014
Who is the true tragic hero.docx 11/17/2014
Literary Analysis RUBRIC 2012.docx 11/12/2014
Vocab Unit 2 Sentences.docx 11/17/2014
Questions Over TheBassTheRiverandSheilaMant.doc 12/12/2014
Blank Freytag's Plot Pyramid.doc 12/13/2014
Everyday Use Short Answer.doc 12/13/2014
Everyday Use Crossover Short Answer.doc 12/13/2014


Site Description
You may read and download the text of many classics for free on this website!
This website will create your works cited page for you, all you have to do is type in the information for you sources! (MLA & APA)
A link to all of the Prezis that I use in class!
Access your literature book online. Use your 4x4 school username and password to access your book.
This website provides help with almost any formatting questions you might have!

English 3: Writer's Notebook

Title Filename Modified
Journal Entries English III.doc 11/10/2014
English 3 Syllabus, Policies and Procedures.doc 9/9/2014
Writing Territories Heart.docx 9/9/2014
Introductory Paragraphs Journal.doc 9/9/2014
Transition Words.doc 9/9/2014
Body Paragraphs Journal.doc 9/9/2014
P.E.E.L..doc 9/9/2014
Grammar Sheet.doc 9/9/2014
A.P.E. Short Answer Strategy The Pie.doc 9/29/2014
Persuasive Writing Strategies.doc 9/29/2014
4 Ways to Use a Comma.doc 11/10/2014
Ratiocination[1].pdf 11/10/2014

English 3: 2nd 6 Weeks

Title Filename Modified
IntroParagraphGraphicOrganizer.doc 10/7/2014
BodyParagraphGraphicOrganizer.doc 11/4/2014
Comma Exercise 1.doc 11/4/2014
The Story of An Hour Short Answer Question2.doc 11/4/2014
STAAR English II Persuasive 1.pdf 11/4/2014
The Masque of the Red Death Crossover Short Answer.doc 11/4/2014
Should the US close the Borders STAAR Prompt.doc 11/8/2014