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Garcia, Camille


Welcome to Miss Garcia's Page!

Camille Garcia

Tom C. Clark High School

English II, English IV


  • B.A. English (Minor in Secondary Education and Reading)- University of the Incarnate Word
  • Recipient of The University of The Incarnate Word's Constance Pollock Murnane English Award
  • ABYDOS Trained 



1st Period (8:50-9:40) English IV

2nd Period (9:45-10:35) English IV

3rd Period (10:40-11:30) English IV

4th Period (11:35-12:25) Conference

5th Period (12:30-1:20) Lunch/Connections

6th Period (1:25-2:15) English II

7th Period (2:20-3:10) English II

8th Period (3:15-4:05) English II







All work done in class will be uploaded to this web page.  Major Grades will be in ALL CAPS.


Sophomores: Journal

Title Filename Modified
Sophomores Journal Entries.docx 2/22/2014
Thesis Statement Journal Entry.docx 9/23/2013
Anecdote Journal Entry.docx 9/23/2013
Purposes for Writing.docx 9/23/2013
PEEL Strategy Journal Entry.docx 9/23/2013
Prepositional Phrases Journal Entry.docx 9/23/2013
Essay Hooks Journal Entry.doc 12/16/2013
Dictionary of You.docx 12/21/2013
Characteristics of a Tragic Hero.docx 12/21/2013
Tone Journal Entry.docx 12/21/2013
AllusionsJournalEntry.docx 12/21/2013
Irony Journal Entry.docx 12/21/2013
NarrativeStoryArc.png 12/16/2013
CharacterizationJournalEntry.docx 12/21/2013
OrganizingYourEssayJournal.doc 12/21/2013
Verbs to Use with Quotation Journal Entry.doc 12/21/2013
Inference Journal Entry.docx 12/16/2013
SearchingforTheme.jpg 12/16/2013
ThemeinHarrisonBergeronJournalEntry.doc 12/16/2013
PoetryJournalEntry.doc 4/3/2014
Persuasive Writing Journal Entry.doc 4/4/2014
Organizational Patterns Notes.doc 4/3/2014

Sophomores 5th 6 Weeks

Title Filename Modified
ShortAnswer Poem and Passages Chapter 1 Corrected (1).doc 3/6/2014
Persuasive Prompt.doc 3/22/2014
Inferiority Complex Article.doc 3/6/2014
Inferiority Complex Article and Of Mice and Men.doc 3/6/2014
OMaM Nonfiction Crossover Practice.docx 3/22/2014
OMaM Ch 2 Short Answer Practice.docx 3/7/2014
Barbara Johns Reach for the Moon Short Answer.docx 3/22/2014
STAAR Persuasive Essay Discrimination.doc 3/18/2014
Template for an Outline.doc 4/3/2014

Seniors: Journal

Title Filename Modified
SeniorJournal Entries.docx 12/21/2013
SAT Vocab WordsPart2.doc 12/13/2013
SAT Vocab WordsPart3.docx 12/13/2013
Thesis Statement Journal Entry.docx 11/9/2013
Geoffrey Chaucer Journal Entry.docx 11/9/2013
The Middle Ages Journal Entry.docx 11/9/2013
Irony Journal Entry.docx 11/9/2013
CharacterizationJournalEntry.docx 12/13/2013
The Anglo Saxon Period Journal.docx 12/13/2013
Hero's Journey Journal Entry.docx 12/13/2013
Timeline of Literary Eras.docx 12/13/2013
Hero'sJourneyinBeowulf.docx 12/13/2013
BruffeeOrganizationalPatterns.docx 12/13/2013
SATIREjournal.docx 12/13/2013
EthosPathosLogos.docx 12/13/2013
OrganizingYourEssayJournal.docx 12/13/2013
MLAJournalEntry.doc 12/13/2013
Elements of Drama.doc 3/8/2014

Seniors 5th 6 Weeks

Title Filename Modified
MacbethPacket.docx 4/4/2014
Poetry Literary Analysis Essay.doc 3/6/2014
pbs_in_search_shakespeare_questions.docx 3/6/2014
Elements of Drama in Film.doc 3/6/2014
Rubric for Shakespeare Script.doc 3/18/2014
Rubric for Shakespeare Performance.doc 3/18/2014
Instagram_Activity.doc 4/4/2014
WritingAboutQuotesFromMacbeth.doc 4/12/2014


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