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Juarez, Nicole


Nicole Juarez
Welcome to English 3!  We are going to have a great year! :)

Credentials/Background:  UTSA, BA in English

Rm. A204

Phone:  397-5150, ext 3204




1st Period ELA College Prep 8:50-9:40      
2nd Period ENG 3 9:45-10:45      
3rd Period ENG 3 10:40-11:30      
4th Period Lunch 11:35-12:25      
5th Period ENG 3 12:30-1:20      
6th Period ENG 3 1:25-2:15      
7th Period ENG 3 2:20-3:10      
8th Period Conference 3:15-4:05      

Student Handouts English 3

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Storyboard Project Directions.doc 4/1/2015
Storyboard-How to register for Storyboard That.doc 4/1/2015
Storyboard Gatsby Project Rubric.doc 4/1/2015

Student Handouts ELA College Prep

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Ms. Juarez's Policies & Procedures.doc 8/20/2014

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