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Kelly, D'Layne


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*BA St. Mary's University 1997 Cum Laude
        Major One: English
        Major Two: Exercise and Sports Science
*Certified Teaching Subjects:
       English 6-12; Health; Physical Education K-12                                        
*2011-12 Clark High School Educator of the Year
*Named to "Who's Who of American Teachers" Five Times
*2007 San Antonio Express News Softball Coach of the Year
*2007 Nominated for Clark Teacher of the Year
*Junior Level Leader for Junior English (Two Years)
Teaching Experience

Providence High School 1997-1999
Physical Education One and Two, Health, Child Development
Head Softball Coach

Northside Alternative Middle School--North Campus 1999-2000
English 6, English 7, English 8

Clark High School 2000-Present
English I, English III, English I Learning Lab, English III Learning Lab,  
English IV Learning Lab, English III TAKS Preparation
Head Softball Coach 1999-Present
Freshman Volleyball Coach 2002-2009
Cross Country Assistant Coach 2009-2012

Schedule and Contact Information


First Period

Admin Asst (Fall)
JV Softball (Spring)

8:50-9:40 Main Office 
Softball Field
Second Period Intervention  9:45-10:35 A 143     
Third Period Dual Credit Liaison 10:40-11:30 A 143    
Fourth Period Connections 11:35-12:25 A 235    
Fifth Period Connections 12:30-1:20 A 235     
Sixth Period Intervention  1:25-2:15 A 143      
Seventh Period Lunch  2:20-3:10 A 143/SB Field    
Eighth Period Varsity Softball 3:15-4:05 Softball Field       




Classroom Information

Title Filename Modified
First Day of School PPT 2012.pdf 9/1/2012
Syllabus-eng III 2012.pdf 9/1/2012
First Day of School PPT 2012.pdf 10/3/2012
Microsoft Word - Interactive Notebook.pdf 8/25/2012
PSAT Results.pdf 12/14/2012
Reader's Log.pdf 8/21/2010
Writing Portfolio Assignment 09.pdf 8/21/2010


Project Date

Softball 2013

Title Filename Modified
SB Calendar 2013.pdf 1/30/2013
Parent Meeting JV Contract.pdf 2/11/2013
2013 JV Softball Roster.pdf 2/27/2013
2013 JV Schedule.pdf 3/2/2013
Softball Parent Meeting.pdf 2/9/2013
Spirit Buddy 2013.pdf 2/27/2013
Twitter.pdf 2/8/2013
Parent Meeting Varsity Contract.pdf 2/11/2013
2013 Varsity Softball Roster.pdf 2/27/2013
2013 Varsity Schedule.pdf 1/30/2013


Title Filename Modified
CSA Expectations & Application.pdf 6/4/2014

Dual Credit Information

Title Filename Modified
DC Apply Instructions 13-14.pdf 2/7/2014
DC Parent Night 14-15 PPT.pdf 2/7/2014

Softball Information

Title Filename Modified
2014 JV Schedule.pdf 2/8/2014
2012 JV Softball Roster.pdf 2/8/2014
SB Calendar 2014.pdf 2/8/2014
2012 Varsity Softball Roster.pdf 2/8/2014
2014 Varsity Schedule.pdf 2/8/2014
Softball Parent Meeting.pdf 2/8/2014
Twitter Power Point.pdf 1/25/2012

References and Resources

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This is the Northside ISD Athletic Website. There are links to each school, schedules, and other pertinent information.
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Automatic Bibliography and Citation Maker
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Important Due Dates

Project Date

Lesson Plans

Title Filename Modified
Eng III 8-27-12.pdf 9/15/2012
Eng III 9-3-12.pdf 9/15/2012
Eng III 9-10.pdf 9/29/2012
Eng III 9-17.pdf 9/22/2012
Eng III 9-24-12.docx 9/29/2012
Eng III 10-1-12.pdf 9/26/2012
Eng III 10-8-12.pdf 10/12/2012
Eng III 10-15-12.pdf 10/12/2012
Eng III 10-22-12.docx 10/21/2012
Eng III 10-29-12.docx 10/25/2012
Eng III 11-5-12--Reg.pdf 11/9/2012
Eng III 11-12-12.pdf 11/9/2012
Eng III 11-26-12.pdf 11/9/2012
Eng III 12-3-12.pdf 11/10/2012
Eng III 12-10-12.pdf 11/9/2012
Eng III 12-17-12.pdf 11/9/2012
Eng III 12-17-12.pdf 11/9/2012
Eng III 1-7-13.pdf 11/9/2012
Eng III 1-21-13.pdf 1/17/2013
Eng III 1-28-13.pdf 1/28/2013
Eng III 2-4-13.pdf 2/4/2013
Eng III 2-11-13.pdf 2/23/2013
English III 2-18-13.pdf 2/18/2013
Eng III 2-25-13.pdf 3/9/2013
Eng III 3-5-13.pdf 3/8/2013
Eng III 3-18-13.pdf 3/8/2013
Eng III 3-25-13.pdf 3/25/2013
Eng III 4-1-13.pdf 4/8/2013
Eng III 4-8-13.pdf 4/8/2013
Eng III 4-15-13.pdf 4/15/2013
Eng III 4-29-13.pdf 5/7/2013
Eng III 5-6-13.pdf 5/7/2013

Sixth Six Weeks

Title Filename Modified
Table of Contents.pdf 5/7/2013
Time Capsule Intro Poem.pdf 5/7/2013
Time Capsule.pdf 5/7/2013
Time Capsule Rubric.pdf 5/7/2013
Opening the Time Capsule.pdf 5/7/2013
College-Career PDF.pdf 5/15/2013
College-Career Word Document.docx 5/15/2013
College Financial Future.xlsx 5/15/2013
College-Career Grading Slip.pdf 5/15/2013
College Resume Template.pdf 5/15/2013

Fifth Six Weeks

Title Filename Modified
Table of Contents.pdf 4/13/2013
Pre-Gatsby Video.pdf 3/8/2013
Lifestyles of the Rich & Famous- 2 days.pdf 3/8/2013
Microsoft Word - Lifestyles of the Rich & Famous Grading Slip.pdf 3/8/2013
Fitzgerald Video Biography.pdf 3/18/2013
Modernism PPT.pdf 3/23/2013
Modern Era Study Guide.pdf 3/23/2013
Great Gatsby PPT.pdf 3/23/2013
Great Gatsby Study Guide Ch 1.pdf 3/23/2013
Ch 1--Character First Impressions.pdf 3/23/2013
Ch 2--Contrasting Images in The Great Gatsby.pdf 3/23/2013
Gatsby Chapter Two Study Guide.pdf 3/26/2013
Gatsby Study Guide Chapter Three.pdf 3/26/2013
Gatsby Rumors Ch 3.pdf 3/30/2013
Gatsby Vocabulary.pdf 3/26/2013
Vocabulary Frayer Model.pdf 3/26/2013
Gatsby Study Guide Chapter Four.pdf 3/30/2013
Reenactment of Scenes from Gatsby.pdf 4/13/2013
Gatsby Study Guide Chapter Five.pdf 3/30/2013
Coming Soon.docx 3/30/2013
Gatsby Study Guide Chapter Six.pdf 3/30/2013
Gatsby PPT Chapter Six.pdf 4/20/2013
Gatsby Study Guide Chapter Seven.pdf 3/30/2013
Gatsby PPT Chapter Seven.pdf 4/20/2013
Gatsby Study Guide Chapter Eight.pdf 3/30/2013
Coming Soon.docx 3/30/2013
Gatsby Study Guide Chapter Nine.pdf 3/30/2013

Fourth Six Weeks

Title Filename Modified
Assignment Sheet Fourth Six Weeks.pdf 3/2/2013
realism naturalism PPT.pdf 1/16/2013
Videos for Realism and Naturalism.pdf 1/16/2013
Role of Women 1850-1910 PPT.pdf 1/16/2013
Why I Wrote Yellow Wallpaper.pdf 1/16/2013
Yellow Wallpaper Journal.pdf 1/16/2013
Yellow Wallpaper Study Guide.pdf 1/16/2013
Yellow Wallpaper PPT.pdf 1/16/2013
Yellow Wallpaper Rewrite Ending.pdf 1/28/2013
Yellow Wallpaper Open-Ended.pdf 2/2/2013
Yellow Wallpaper Post-Reading Discussion Questions.pdf 2/2/2013
YellowWallpaperWebChart.pdf 2/2/2013
You Can't Always Trust What You Read.pdf 2/2/2013
Unreliable Narrator Video Clip.pdf 1/31/2013
Owl Creek Point of View.pdf 2/2/2013
Law of Life Study Guide.pdf 2/2/2013
Law of Life PowerPoint.pdf 2/2/2013
Characteristics of Realism in Am Lit.pdf 2/4/2013
Defense of Realism Essay.pdf 2/4/2013
EssayGuide.pdf 2/4/2013
EssayWriting Tips.pdf 2/4/2013
Citing Your Sources in MLA.pdf 2/4/2013
Harlem Renaissance Webquest.pdf 2/11/2013
Realism & Naturalism Extra Credit.pdf 2/25/2013
Harlem Poetry Stations.pdf 3/2/2013
You Tube Videos for Hughes Poetry.pdf 2/25/2013
Prezi for Analyzing Poetry.pdf 2/25/2013
How it Feels to Be _____ Me.pdf 2/25/2013
TAKS Prompt Feb.pdf 2/25/2013
TAKS TIPS PPT.pdf 2/26/2013

Third Six Weeks

Title Filename Modified
Assignment Sheet Third Six Weeks.pdf 12/22/2012
Vocab Lesson Garza PPT.pdf 12/1/2012
Crucible Vocabulary Garza.pdf 12/1/2012
Transcendentalism Intro PPT.pdf 12/1/2012
Celebration of Self Romanticism and Transcendentalism.pdf 12/1/2012
Ralph Waldo Emerson--Self Reliance--Background.pdf 12/1/2012
Self-Reliance--Study Guide.pdf 12/1/2012
Self-Reliance SG PPT.pdf 12/1/2012
Nature.pdf 12/1/2012
Nature SG PPT.pdf 12/1/2012
Henry David Thoreau.pdf 12/1/2012
Civil Disobedience SG PPT.pdf 12/1/2012
Civil Disobedience SG PPT.pdf 12/1/2012
Walden Background.pdf 12/1/2012
Walden Study Guide.pdf 12/1/2012
Walden SG PPT.pdf 12/1/2012
Devil and Tom Walker Background.pdf 12/1/2012
Devil and Tom Walker Background.pdf 12/1/2012
Devil and Tom Walker Word Scramble.pdf 12/1/2012
Devil and Tom Walker Study Guide.pdf 12/1/2012
Devil and Tom Walker SG PPT.pdf 12/1/2012
Devil and Tom Walker Journal.pdf 11/26/2012
Brain onTranscendentalism.pdf 11/26/2012
American Gothic--Dark Side of Individualism.pdf 11/26/2012
Dark Side of Individualism PPT.pdf 11/26/2012
Edgar Allan Poe Background.pdf 11/28/2012
Edgar Allan Poe Background Study Guide.pdf 12/1/2012
Raven Background.pdf 11/28/2012
Raven Study Guide.pdf 11/28/2012
Raven Writer's Notebook.pdf 11/28/2012
Masque of the Red Death Background.pdf 11/28/2012
Masque of the Red Death Study Guide.pdf 11/28/2012
Masque of the Red Death Allegory Handout.pdf 11/28/2012
Faulkner Background.pdf 11/28/2012
Hawthorne Background.pdf 11/28/2012
Dr. Heidegger's Experiment Study Guide.pdf 11/28/2012
Dr Heidegger's Experiment Allegory Handout.pdf 11/28/2012
Dr. Heidegger's Experiment Writer's Notebook.pdf 11/28/2012
Flannery O'Connor Background.pdf 11/28/2012
Life You Save Might Be Your Own Study Guide.pdf 11/28/2012
Life You Save May Be Your Own Storyboard.pdf 11/28/2012

Second Six Weeks

Title Filename Modified
Assignment Sheet Second Six Weeks.pdf 11/10/2012
Crucible Background.pdf 9/26/2012
Arthur Miller Notes and Questions.pdf 9/26/2012
McCarthyism Notes and Questions.pdf 9/26/2012
Crucible Take Home Quiz.pdf 10/20/2012
Crucible Notebook Pages.pdf 9/26/2012
Crucible Chronolog.pdf 9/26/2012
Crucible Act One Study Guide.pdf 9/29/2012
Crucible Act One Quotes.pdf 9/29/2012
Crucible Act One PPT.pdf 10/12/2012
Conflict Crucible.pdf 10/13/2012
Crucible-act1-conflict.pdf 10/13/2012
Crucible Act Two Study Guide.pdf 10/13/2012
Crucible Act Two Quotes.pdf 10/13/2012
Crucible Study Guide Act Two PPT.pptx 10/27/2012
Crucible-act2-status_changes.pdf 10/13/2012
Crucible Act Three Study Guide.pdf 10/13/2012
Crucible Act Three Quotes.pdf 10/13/2012
Crucible Study Guide Act Three PPT2.pptx 10/25/2012
Crucible-act3-character motivation.pdf 10/13/2012
Crucible Act Four Study Guide.pdf 10/13/2012
Crucible-act4-characterization.pdf 10/13/2012
Crucible Study Guide Act Four PPT.pptx 10/25/2012
What's In a Title Essay.pdf 10/25/2012
Journal 10-24.pdf 10/25/2012
Crucible Writing Prompts.pdf 10/27/2012
Mob Mentality.pdf 10/25/2012
Crucible Journal 10-30.pdf 10/31/2012
Journal 11-7-12.pdf 11/7/2012

First Six Weeks

Title Filename Modified
First Day of School PPT 2012.pdf 9/1/2012
Assignment Sheet First Six Weeks.pdf 9/29/2012
Your Name Handout.pdf 8/25/2012
Voice Handout.pdf 8/25/2012
Voice PPT.pdf 9/1/2012
Six Word Memoirs.pdf 9/22/2012
Me Talk Pretty Vocab PPT.pdf 8/29/2012
Voice & Me Talk Pretty.pdf 9/1/2012
This I Believe Index Card Assignment.pdf 9/4/2012
Narrative Rubric.pdf 10/3/2012
This I Believe Essay Assignment.pdf 9/8/2012
Values Checklist.pdf 9/8/2012
Reflexive Text Structures.pdf 9/5/2012
Ratiocination.pdf 9/6/2012
Native American Lit Intro PPT.pdf 9/15/2012
Native American Intro Notes.pdf 9/29/2012
Parts of Speech.pdf 9/13/2012
Vocab Unit One Pre-Assessment.pdf 9/13/2012
Vocab Unit One Definitions.pdf 9/13/2012
Unit 1 Vocab.pdf 9/15/2012
Native American WNB.pdf 9/15/2012
World on a Turtle's Back--Sequence.pdf 9/15/2012
World on a Turtles Back OE.pdf 9/15/2012
Part Time Indian Essay.pdf 9/15/2012
Puritans PPT.pdf 10/3/2012
The Puritans Structured Organizer for PPT.pdf 9/29/2012
Bradstreet Study Guide.pdf 9/24/2012
Bradstreet Figurative Language HO.pdf 9/24/2012
Bradstreet Mock Poem.pdf 9/24/2012
fanning flames.pdf 11/7/2012
Materialism.pdf 9/24/2012
Materialism Essay.pdf 9/27/2012
Crucible Pre-Reading Anticipation Guide.pdf 9/29/2012
Crucible Writers Notebook.pdf 9/29/2012
Conventions of Drama PPT.pdf 9/29/2012
Conventions of Drama Notes.pdf 9/29/2012
Conventions of Drama PPT Day 2.pdf 9/29/2012