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Fisher, Tara Kopcho


Welcome to English 1 PreAP and

English 2 PreAP! 

Tara Fisher

Credentials: BA in English    University of Texas at San Antonio, 2000

                   BA in Communications    University of Texas at San Antonio, 2000

Teaching Experience: December 2003-Present Clark High School

Schedule and Phone Number


1st Period A236 8:50-9:40 English 1 PreAP     
2nd Period A236 9:45-10:35  English 2 PreAP    
3rd Period  A236 10:40-11:30  English 2 PerAP    
4th Period   11:35-12:25 Lunch    
5th Period A236 12:30-1:20  English 2 PreAP    
6th Period  A236 1:25-2:15  Conference    
7th Period A236  2:20-3:10  English 1 PreAP    
8th Period A236  3:15-4:05  English 1 PreAP     

397-5150  Ext.3236


Student Documents

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Nonfiction Indep Reading 14-15.doc 11/8/2014
2014 Multigenre Sign up.doc 12/6/2014
2014-15 RJ#1 Directions.doc 11/29/2014
Non-fiction Ind Reading Sample.doc 10/2/2013
RADaR Method editing essays.doc 9/28/2014
Reading Card Assignment.doc 8/31/2013
Turnitin.doc 3/1/2014


Site Description
Click here for help creating an annotated bibliography
Another website dedicated to make sure you give the correct citation for work you reference.
Automatic Bibliography and Citation Maker
This site can help you answer your grammar questions
This site allows access to our textbook and other resources that may be helpful with what we are reading. This site is password protected, so make sure you know these!
Correct internal documentation is a MUST! Check here to make sure you are doing it correctly.
This website tells you how to treat titles in your essay. If you're not sure whether to italize or use quotes, take a look here.
This link allows access to the Multi-genre website to those who have already been granted permission to view it. It has all assignments and examples.
This website can help you with many of your writing questions.
Do you need some good places to get valid information for your research? Here are some sources that are available to Clark students for free. You will need your login and password help sheet to access these.
Are you interested to great speeches and wonder what makes them great? You'll want to check this website out.
Practice your vocabulary skills and get 10 free grains of rice donated to the United Nations World Food Program for each correct answer.

Class Policies

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14-15 Classroom Procedures.doc 8/19/2014
14-15 Grading Policy.doc 8/19/2014
14-15 Parent Letter.doc 8/19/2014
14-15 Parent Letter English 2.doc 8/19/2014

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English 1 PreAP Lesson Plans

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Pre-AP December 15-19.doc 12/14/2014

English 2 PreAP Lesson Plans

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English 2 Pre-AP Dec. 1-5.doc 11/22/2014
English 2 Pre-AP Dec. 15-19.doc 12/14/2014
English 2 PreAP Dec. 8-12.14.doc 12/7/2014