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Livingston, Deborah




Welcome to Clark High School.  I look forward to working with you this year in English.

Contact:  210- 397-5150 ext. 3230

Education:  Trinity University, BA, cum laude

                   Middlebury College MA

Experience:  Twenty-six years


1st Period English IV APD 8:50-9:40
2nd Period English IV APD 9:45-10:35
3rd Period English IV APD 10:40- 11:30
4th Period Connections/Lunch 11:35- 12:25
5th Period English III APD 12:30- 1:20
6th Period English III APD 1:25- 2:15
7th Period   English III APD 2:20- 3:10
8th Period Conference 3:15- 4:05

Tutoring: every morning in A230 starting at 8:00, 4th period, and by appointment

Student Documents

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Titles and authors from Free Response Questions.doc 10/10/2011
Titles_from_Free_Response_Questions.doc 10/10/2011
Canterbury Tales Prologue Lines.mp3 9/14/2011
Diction, Tone Character terms.doc 1/26/2011
Argument of Evaluation.doc 3/8/2014
More Titles from AP Exams.doc 10/3/2011
Shakespeare Reading Project Rubric.doc 2/13/2014
Short Story Writers FAll 2013.docx 10/24/2013
ShortStoryGradingRubric.docx 10/24/2013
09-10_Stu_Recm_Profile[2].doc 8/31/2012


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5th 6-wks 3/4/2014
5th 6-wks 4 3/4/2014
Eng III AP, Dual 1301.doc 3/31/2012
Merged Syllabus2, 2007.pdf 8/16/2011


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