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Vitola, Analisa



Analisa Campbell

English III and Pep Squad Sponsor

Credentials/Background: Texas State University, BA in English,

Minor in Communication Studies

Rm. A235

Phone:  397-5150, ext 3235

 Contact me through


                                           Mrs. Campbell's Schedule

Period Class Time


English III 8:50-9:40am
2nd English III 9:45-10:35am
3rd English III 10:40-11:30am
4th Lunch 11:35-12:25pm
5th Pep Squad 12:30-1:20pm
6th Conference 1:25-2:15pm
7th English III 2:20-3:10pm
8th English III 3:15-4:05pm

Policies and Procedures

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Student Handouts

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College-Career_Word_Document Revised 2014 (1).pdf 5/12/2015
College_Financial_Future.xlsx 4/29/2015
College-Career_Grading_Slip.pdf 4/29/2015
College_Resume_Template.pdf 4/29/2015


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