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Cleere, Steve


ESL/Newcomer English - Steve Cleere

mugWelcome to Newcomers!

My name is Steve Cleere, but I ask my students to call me Mr. C.

Most of our class needs a great deal of help with one or more areas of English use and comprehension. Most newcomers are new in the U.S., but many have been in the country for two or more years without significant advancement that leads to passing the English portion of the STAAR Test, the state's assessment for basic understanding at each grade level.

In the newcomer class, we study listening, reading, writing and speaking every day to bring students closer to success in passing their tests toward graduation. Everyone has a different need, and each of these is addressed individually in a workshop setting.

I am a Spanish speaker and learner, and I am able to teach Hispanic children much more quickly than other students from around the world, but there are many materials in the classroom to help me overcome the language barrier that often makes English acquisition a challenge.

     We have students from Nepal, Iraq, Thailand, Iran, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Vietnam, Mexico and Colombia.


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