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Gonzales, Amy


Amy Gonzales

Credentials:  Texas Tech Graduate 1996

                       Clark High School Teacher  since 1997

Class Schedule:


Period 1   Principles of Human Services C-222
Period 2 Principles of Human Services C-222
Period 3 Coordinating Period C-222
Period 4 School Age Parenting C-222
Period 5 Lunch  
Period 6 Conference Period C-222
Period 7 Interpersonal Studies C-222
Period 8 Interpersonal Studies          C-222

Contact Information: 397-5190 ext. 3262 or









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Principles of Human Services

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Att #1- Syllabus.doc 8/25/2012
Att#4Stress Reduction Flyer Example.ppt 12/18/2012

Interpersonal Studies

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Classroom and Grading Procedures.doc 9/11/2012

School Age Parenting: Policies & Procedures

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