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Campa, Marguerite


Art I - Ms. Campa Room C224

Art I Clark High School Fine Arts Department



l      8:50 -   9:40 Art I C224      
2    9:45 - 10:35 Art I C224      
3  10:40 - 11:30 Art II C224      
4  11:35 - 12:25 Lunch        
5  12:30 -   1:20 Art I C224      
6    1:25 -   2:15 Art I C224      
7    2:20 -   3:10 Conference Period        
8    3:15 -   4:05 Art I C224      

 Contact Information:  397-5150  Ext: 3264

Visual Arts Faculty, Marguerite Campa - Art I

Department: Fine Arts
Level: Art I  and Art II

Marguerite Campa  

Education: University of Texas at Austin, Bachelor of Science in Advertising, 1980

Graduate Studies: Our Lady of the Lake University, Webster University

Professional Associations:  San Antonio Art Educators Association, Texas Art Educators Asssociation


Art Department  -  Art Level I  -  Mission Statement
Students should know, understand, be able to do:  Express their thoughts and ideas creatively, while challenging their imagination, fostering reflective thinking, and developing disciplined efforts and problem-solving skills through the four basic strands: perception, creative expression/performance, historical and cultural heritage, and critical evaluation.

Students should know, understand and be able to:
1. Create visual solutions by elaborating on direct observation, experiences and imagination.
2.  Create designs for practical applications.
3. Demonstrate effective use of art media and tools in design, drawing, painting, printmaking and sculpture.
4.  Demonstrate development of time management skills and implementation of project deadlines.

5. Demonstrate understanding and adherence of  classroom/district school policies in classroom behaivor and safety policies.




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