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Theatre Arts 1

 Requirements: Any Tom C. Clark High School Student may enroll in this class.

  * Students must bring a blue or black pen or pencil and notebook paper to class every day.


The emphasis of this course is on the learning of the basic fundamentals of effective communication through dramatic expression. The student learns how to use speech and movement to communicate feelings and ideas to the audience. This is a performance driven class where each student will perform drama exercises in class at least once and sometimes twice each week. Many of these performances will be videotaped and all will be critiqued by the drama instructor. There is a strong emphasis on original dramatic material which requires the student to write and perform believable, emotional dialogue. The drama exercises are designed to teach the students how to approach real acting problems and successfully conquer them. Through the process of writing and performing their own scenes, the students gain a greater awareness of their dramatic potential and a greater understanding and appreciation for the fine art of drama.




Theatre Arts 2

Requirements: Credit for Theatre Arts 1 and/or approval of drama instructor

*Students must bring blue or black pen and notebook paper to class everyday.      



Students enrolled in Theatre Arts 2 continue honing their performing skills by attempting more difficult and longer drama exercises with more difficult acting problems. Once again a great deal of emphasis is placed on the writing and performing of original material. In addition students will be given the opportunity to develop their skills in analyzing dramatic works and critiquing the performances of their fellow students. They, themselves will receive in-depth critiques from the drama instructor which will go beyond the basics and include more sophisticated comments on acting techniques such as building to a climax, throw-away-lines, pace, underplay, creative use of props and symbolism.




Theare Arts 3

Requirements: Credit for Theatre Arts 1 and 2 and approval of drama instructor

*Students must bring blue or black pen and notebook paper to class every day.


Students enrolled in Theatre Arts 3 are given the opportunity to develop deeper and more subtle characterizations and will perform scenes which require more research and additional acting abilities such as accents, age, stylized movement, dance and singing. Advanced rehearsal techniques are used for character development.




Theatre Arts 4

Requirements: Approval of drama instructor


Expectations are very high for students enrolled in this course. It is only for the most dedicated and devoted drama students who are willing to rehearse after school, nights, Saturdays, and occasionally on holidays. Students must have an intense interest in all phases of theatrical production including acting, directing, set construction, make-up, lighting, publicity, box office, concessions, and house management. And they must be willing and eager to attempt to carry out whatever is needed to assure a good theatrical presentation in any of the above mentioned areas. Students are expected to maintain passing grades in all of their other subjects in order to remain eligible for participation in theatrical presentations.

One Act Play Contest March 25 & 26 @ Taft HS

Clark High Theatre Arts will present the comedy Moon Over Buffalo by Ken Ludwig on March 26 for Zone UIL One Act Play competition. The contest begins at 10am at the Taft High Auditorium. Clark will follow Stevens High, Brandies High, and Taft High at Zone competition.


Express yourself Theatre Arts 1 style

 Theatre Arts 1 class mask project

Click Here to View Midsummer Night's Dream

Mr. Licon, Tom C. Clark Theatre DIrector

Mr. Licon Thanks for checking in. By the way this was me a few years ago :) I might get a new photo up soon :D

Hey I am just so excited to begin the new school year! We have a new Theatre Arts teacher joining our staff and he is fabulous! Mr Robert Stanley is coming to us from Odem High and he will bring new energy and pump everyone up. Thespians get ready for our Texas State Festival because we are coming and we will get noticed! I hope each and every one of you students will take advantage of the opportunities provided during the year. If you are new to the Theatre, please check this site or the Call Board next to the hall door entrance of the Black Box for information and updates on meetings, or announcements. If you are, or are not enrolled in the Theatre Classes, please note that all students are invited to join the Drama Club. See you soon!

Contact Info: phone 397-5283, email


Period Course Time      
1 Tech Theatre Arts 1 8:50am-9:40am      
2 Theatre Arts 1 9:45am-10:35am      
3 Theatre Arts 1 10:40am-11:30am      
4 Theatre Arts 1 11:35am-12:25pm      
5 Lunch 12:30pm-1:20pm      
6 Theatre Arts 1 1:25pm-2:15pm      
7 Conference Period 2:20pm-3:10pm      
8 Theatre Arts Advanced 3:15pm-4:05pm      

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