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Day, Suzy


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Phone: 210-397-5150  ext. 3104

My office is located in the International Languages Office which is to the right of room A104.

Conference Period: 6th period; Lunch period 4th period


1 - Room A226   Spanish 1

2 – Room A209   Spanish 1

3 – Room A104   Spanish 2

5 – Room A106   Spanish 2

7 – Room A229   Spanish 1

8 – Room A228   Spanish 1


Education and Experience

Welcome! This is my second year teaching at Clark High School as a member of the International Languages Department.  I received my B.A. degree in Spanish from the University of Colorado, and have 15 years experience teaching Spanish and Bilingual Education in grades 1 - 12, in California, Colorado, and Texas.  I spent the first eight years of my life in Central America before our family returned to the United States. Although English is my primary language, I learned Spanish as a child in Costa Rica and Guatemala.

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