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Torres, Marion

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Welcome To German Class!

Willkommen zur Frau Torres Welt.

I am a Native German speaker from Hanau Germany and I am very excited to continue to teach German in a great cooperative learning environment. Go Cougars!!!! A little bit about myself: I am a mother of three, grandmother of two, love to travel, love to teach and learn. I graduated from the University of Texas in El Paso Cum Laude in 1999.  My favorite quote:" Nothing ever becomes real until it is experienced." John Keats


Check out the latest NEWS on Clark and Clark's German teacher:

Supply list for German 1

Spiral Notebook, 1 box of Kleenex


1 three ring binder (1 inch) and 5 tab dividers or Spiral notebook and colored pencils

Supply list for German 3 PAP:

1 three ring binder, 5 tab dividers, 2 glue sticks

Supply list for German 4 AP and German 5 H

will be assigned by teacher

Contact info: e-mail Phone ext. 3112


Period Course
1  German 2
2  German 3 PAP 4 AP 5 H
3  German 2 PAP
4  Planning Period/Tutoring
5  Lunch/Tutoring
6  German 2
7  German 1
8  German 1

Links for review and studying. Click on your level.

German 1     German 2   German 3   German 4   German 5


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