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De Los Santos, Rolanda


Proud of Our Past and Committed to Our Future - Building a Legacy - Believe and Achieve

I am honored to be part of this Outstanding Cougar Family.  We are off to a great start and I look forward to being part of your education.  Together we will travel down the road to Success.        


ALERT!!! - Please See Your Semester Exam Schedule!!!


Algebra 1 - Algebra One Students have time to get started on their homework in class on most days.  I do not collect their homework until the following day.  Should you have any questions, please email me.


AQR - If your student is utilizing class time wisely, they should not have any homework.  Please check parent connection for any missing assignments and encourage them to turn it in.


1st Period          AQR

2nd Period         Planning

3rd Period          Algebra 1

4th Period          Algebra 1

5th Period          LUNCH

6th Period          AQR

7th Period          Algebra 1

8th Period          Algebra 1


Monday                8:00am - 8:40am                 Rm C215

Tuesday               8:00am - 8:40am                Rm C215

Wednesday         8:00am - 8:40am                 Rm C215

Friday                 8:00am - 8:40am                Rm C215


If I am not available you may visit the "MATH HUB" Room C104 for tutoring

I am available to tutor in the afternoon with advance notice


Good Information

Solutions to many Homework Problems will be posted here under the "Show Me App" and sent as a Remind101.       is an excellent place to seek extra help with concepts covered in class.


Texas Tech Red Raider

Go!Fight!Win!  Class of 1998!  Go Tech!

Policies and Procedures, Answer Keys in PDF

Title Filename Modified
DomainandRangeDay2Pg1.pdf 10/15/2014
DomainandRangeDay2Pg2.pdf 10/18/2014
PurplePg1.jpg 1/17/2015
PurplePg2.jpg 1/17/2015
YellowPg1.jpg 1/17/2015
YellowPg2.jpg 1/17/2015
YellowPg3.jpg 1/11/2015
YellowPg4.jpg 1/11/2015
ImaginethePossibilitiesPg1.pdf 10/18/2014
ImaginethePossibilitiesPg2.pdf 10/15/2014
LinearDay1Pg1.pdf 10/15/2014
LinearDay1Pg2.pdf 10/15/2014
Polynomials Day 1.pdf 2/19/2015
Polynomials Day 2P1.pdf 2/21/2015
Polynomials Day 2 P2.pdf 2/19/2015
Polynomials Day 3 P1.pdf 2/19/2015
Polynomials Day3 P2.pdf 2/19/2015
Polynomials Day 4.pdf 2/19/2015
Polynomials Review.pdf 2/19/2015
SetBuilderNotationDay1pg1.pdf 10/18/2014
SetBuilderNotationDay1.pdf 10/18/2014
SetBuilderNotationDay4Pg1.pdf 10/18/2014
SetBuilderNotationDay4Pg2.pdf 10/18/2014
ReviewPg1.pdf 10/24/2014
Review Pg2.pdf 10/24/2014
ReviewPg1.JPG 12/16/2014
Review P2.JPG 12/16/2014
ReviewP3).JPG 12/16/2014
Review P4.JPG 12/16/2014

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