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Kohn, Sarah Duitsman




Period             Course                         Room

1                    Conference                                                                            

2                    Geometry PAP                     C115

3                    Algebra 2                           C115    

4                    Basketball                                                                          

5                    Lunch 

6                    Geometry PAP                       C115      

7                    Geometry PAP                       C115

8                    Softball                                                                    




I will be available for tutoring at different times each day.  The specific tutoring schedule will be posted in the classroom at the beginning of each week.   You may also schedule a tutoring appointment with me through email.  

Contact Information:

(210) 397-5150 EXT.  


Geometry Documents

Title Filename Modified
CLARK JV FR Schedule 2013-2014.doc 11/16/2013
CLARK_Varsity_Schedule_2013-14.doc 11/16/2013
(file not uploaded) 9/1/2010
Syllabus10-11.doc 9/1/2010