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Garza, Hector Samuel


Academic material for Algebra 2

This year, the Algebra II team has given students access to all of our classroom files.  Presentations, lectures, in-class notes, homework assignments and test reviews are now loaded on the s-file.  Your student has been instructed on their location and directions to access the file is located here on my page (on the top right hand side of this page).  Hopefully, this will help your student better prepare for this class, especially if they are absent due to illness or extracurricular activities.

Schedule 2012-2013 


Period 1 Algebra 2 C219      
Period 2 College Algebra C219      
Period 3 Algebra 2 C219      
Period 4 Lunch C219      
Period 5 College Algebra C219      
Period 6 conference C219      
Period 7 Algebra 2 C219      
Period 8 Algebra 2 C219      

Contact information


Phone: 397-5150 ext 3259

Tutoring Hours

Monday - Thursday after school 8:00-8:30am





Project Date


Title Filename Modified
Algebra II Team syllabus 2012-2013.docx 8/24/2012
Algebra II - 2nd 6wks active 2013-2014.pdf 10/14/2013
2nd 6 weeks College Algebra.docx 10/14/2013
College Algebra outline.doc 8/24/2012

Student assignments

Title Filename Modified
sFiles_access[1].pdf 8/24/2012
Intro to parent notesfx2013.docx 8/30/2013

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