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Moore, Randle


        2013 begins my eighth year teaching Computer Science and Mathematics at Clark High School.


Certified in Secondary Mathematics, Computer Science, Gifted and Talented, Special Education, and seven other certifications.

Computer Science AP Exam Reader, College Board 2013 (one of only 160 in the nation). 2013 invitation to apply to College Board for AP Consultant for Computer Science

I also teach sailing on Canyon Lake and I teach Texas Parks and Wildlife Boater Education classes.    


Schedule of Classes  2013-2014 Tentative







Math Models Remind 101 469-518-6030 @mmbasic





Math Models Remind 101 469-518-6030 @mmbasic





Computer Science 1 Regular Remind 101 469-518-6030 @csregs1   










Planning and Preparation





Computer Science 2 Honors Remind 101 469-518-6030 @csyear2  



Computer Science 1 AP / Pre AP1 

Remind 101 469-518-6030 @compsciap1





Computer Science 1 Regular Remind 101 469-518-6030 @csregs1   





Randle Moore 397 - 5190 ext 3266

email: randle . moore @ nisd . net (remove spaces between words.

Easily contribute toward classroom school supplies: Please have your Staples rewards applied toward my Teacher account #2587893088.

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Live Homework Help.pdf 9/8/2012

Internet Resources

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An excellent free Graphing Calculator
This online program links students with qualified, background-checked tutors for live real-time coaching sessions.
College Board information on the Computer Science "A" exam and preparations
Elmo introduces us to the world of methods along with Sam and Mr. Noodle!
How to download and install the Java Development Kit
How to run a Hello World program in java.
How to download and use Eclipse for Java programming
How to write a basic hello world program
What variables are in java and how to use them
How to get input from the user
How to build a basic calculator with the skills we have learned so far
How to use basic math operators in java
How to use increment and assignment operators in java.
How to make a decision in java
How to use logical operators in java.
How to use the switch statement in java
How to use the while loop in java
How to use multiple classes in a java program.
How to use methods in an outside class with a single parameter.
How to use multiple methods and also instance variables inside a class.
What constructors are in java and how to use them.
How to use a nested if statement in java.
How to use the else if statement in java.
How to use a conditional operator in java.
How to build a simple program that averages 10 numbers in java.
How to use a for loop in java.
How to build a simple compound interest program using java.
How to use a do while loop in java.
Some of the methods inside the math class.
How to use a random number generator in java programming.
Your first tutorial on the wonderful world of Arrays!
How to make a nice little visual so you can see the index and value of your array.
How to sum the elements of an array in java.
How to store counting variables in an array index.
How to use an enhanced for statement in java.
How to pass arrays into methods in java.
A problem solving site for students to practice their art and craft of computer problem solving.

Class Information

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Expectations Grading for CSAP1.pdf 8/17/2013
CSAP1 Calendar13-14.pdf 8/2/2013
CSReg1 Calendar13-14.pdf 8/5/2013
CS Honors 2 Calendar13-14.pdf 8/7/2013
MMA Syllabus 2013-2014 Moore.pdf 8/23/2013
MMA Basic Calendar13-14.pdf 10/8/2013
Remind 101 instructions Letter.pdf 9/5/2013


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