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Fest, Brenda


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Educational Philosophy

 Learning is one of my favorite parts of life. Science offers some of the best opportunities to understand and enhance our experiences. In particular, biology helps us to understand our world in ways that help us to see how we all fit together on this wonderful planet.  I love science; in particular, I love biology.

My teaching experience has allowed me to be a keep learning in ways that are fun and dynamic. I hope this year at Clark High Schoolwill provide my students with similar experiences.  Together, we will work hard and learn something about each other and the living world around us.


Schedule of Classes:   

Aquatic Science: Periods 1-3

Biology I Pre AP: Periods: 7 & 8


Connectiions/Lunch:  Period 4

Conference:  Period 6             




B.A. Botany, 1974,UniversityofTexasatAustin

Composite Science Texas Teaching Certificate, 1975, St. Mary’s University, San Antonio

M.S., Science Education, 1991, University of Texas at Austin

Ph.D., Science Education, 1999, University of Texas at Austin

Professional Experiences

27 years teaching in various Texas schools.  This is my 10th year at ClarkHigh School.

12 years as a learning specialist at the Universityof Texas at Austin’s LearningCenter

Classroom Information

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