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Hello... Welcome to the 2012-2013 school year!!

This is my seventh year to teach at Clark High School, it is my fourteenth year with Northside and my twenty second year overall. I am happy to say that I love this job as much today as I did when I began! This year I will teach Biology 1 and Pre AP Biology.  My goal is not only to teach Biology content, but to pass on a love of learning. I am a life-long learner.

I am married (to another science teacher) with two daughters. We love to travel and are avid sports fans. I really enjoy watching my students participate in their various extracurricular school activities. I hope to meet many of you as we cheer the kids on in their various endeavors.

Please remember that my job is to educate your children. Working with you can only enhance this process. I am available to speak with you by phone 210-397-5190 ext 3332 or email . If you ever have questions or concerns feel free to contact me.


1 8:50-9:40 Biology Pre AP   
2 9:45-10:35 Biology Pre AP  
3 10:40-11:30 Biology 1   
4 11:35-12:25 Biology 1  
5 12:30-1:20 connections/lunch  
6 1:25-2:15 Biology 1  
7 2:20-3:10 Conference  
8 3:15-4:05 Biology 1  

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Plant Lab Pictures.ppt 4/15/2014
Kingdom Animalia Card Sort Invertebrates.ppt 4/10/2014
Kingdom Animalia Card Sort Vetebrates.ppt 4/10/2014
Phylum Practice Scrambled.ppt 4/11/2014
Phylum Practice In Order.ppt 4/11/2014
Animal Test Review Practice Questions.ppt 4/14/2014
Circulatory, Respiratory & Lymphatic Systems.ppt 4/15/2014
Digestive System & Enzyme Notes.ppt 4/15/2014
Endocrine & Reproductive Systems.ppt 4/15/2014
Infectious Disease & The Immune System.ppt 4/15/2014
Levels of Organization Muscular & Excretory System.pptx 4/15/2014
Levels of Organization ONLY.ppt 4/15/2014
Muscular System and Excretory System Notes.ppt 4/15/2014
Nervous System.ppt 4/15/2014
Skeletal System Notes.ppt 4/15/2014

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Biology Calendar 8/28/2013
Microsoft Word - CLASSROOM POLICIES-REG.pdf 9/1/2012
Plant Transpiration Virtual Lab.doc 11/15/2013

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