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Gonzalez, Jaime


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1st period     Physics Concepts

2nd period    Conference

3rd period     Physics

4th period     Physics

5th period     Lunch

6th period    Physics 1

7th period    Physics 1

8th period    Conceptual Physics

Experience :      26th year - 

Tutoring Monday through Thursday Room A 024 and afterschool in C104 

Student Documents

Title Filename Modified
Friction and 3rd law.ppt 10/19/2012
Motion in 1D- concepts.pptx 9/7/2012
Math and vectors.doc 9/1/2012
Freefall and Projectile Motion.ppt 9/19/2012
LAB SAFETY.ppt 8/27/2012
Vectors.pptx 8/27/2012
review assignVectors.doc 8/27/2012

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Microsoft Word - classroom polices and procedures.pdf 9/28/2013


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