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Gutierrez, Phillip- Mr. "G"


Mr. "G"

¡HOLA!- Hello!  My name is Phillip A. Gutierrez.  I am a native San Antonian but have traveled the world abroad.  I am a graduate of Holmes High School (class of '77 GO!! HUSKIES!!) and UTSA ('85 GO!! ROADRUNNERS!!) where I received my BS- Biology.  I served two active Army tours (GO!! MULES!!) first enlisted ('77-'81) and then returned as an officer after my commissioning from ROTC out of UTSA. ('85-'90)  I served as an Army Airborne Artillery Officer, last tour at Fort Richardson Alaska, as well as an enlisted man in Baumholder Germany.  I returned to San Antonio and received my teaching certification out of Incarnate Word University (GO CARDINALS!!) in secondary Biology.  I then spent 7 years making computer chips for Intel, in California, Ireland, Israel, Phoenix and returned to my hometown in 2002.  I have taught at private and charter schools for four years and then received a certification in Composite Science, High School.  I recieved my masters in December of 2009 from Our lady of The Lake University in Integrated Science education (GO SAINTS!!)  This will be my eighth year at Clark and my seventeenth year teaching and look forward to an exciting school season!

Educational Philosophy

     All students are teachable and have a desire to learn.  We are here to provide them with the opportunity to understand the concepts set before them and then teach them to use that knowledge to ask more questions as to why?  I like to teach students to be thinkers and to always question- never accept answers for face value but to investigate reasons for the concepts that they are taught as truths.


1st period: IPC room A023

2nd period: IPC room A023

3rd period: ESS room A023

4th period: Conference Hour (by appointment: 210-397-5150, ext 3323) room A023

5th period: Lunch

6th period: IPC room A023

7th period: ESS room A023

8th period: ESS room A023

IPC- Integrated Physics and Chemistry

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Student References

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ESS- Earth and Space Science

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