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Hernandez, Laura


Welcome to Biology!

My name is Laura Hernandez and this is my first year at Clark High School! I am working my dream job at my dream school. I am a former Cougar and graduated class of 2008. I got my bachelor's in Biology from Texas A&M University (whoop!). This year I am teaching five sections of Biology and assitant coaching varsity softball. I'm looking forward to a fantastic year! 

How to contact me:


phone: (210) 397-5150 x 75279

How to sign up for Remind 101:

text @19f9 to (210) 764- 5664


2013-2014 Schedule:

1st  (8:50-9:40 am) Conference

2nd (9:45-10:35 am) Biology Room A034

3rd (10:40- 11:30 am) Biology Room A039

4th (11:35- 12:25pm) Biology Room A039

5th (12:30-1:20 pm)  Lunch

6th (1:25- 2:15 pm) Biology Room A038

7th (2:20- 3:10 pm) Biology Room A033

8th (3:15- 4:05 pm) Athletics