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Ratliff, Mr. Bradley

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Mr. Bradley Ratliff

B.S. from Angelo State University, San Angelo, Texas 2005

Eighth year at Clark High School

Contact me at or 397-5150 ext. 3308

 My Schedule: 

First Period         8:50-9:40 Conference
Second Period   9:45-10:35 Physics Conceptual
Third Period      10:40-11:30 Biology P-AP
Fourth Period    11:35-12:25 Biology P-AP
Fifth Period        12:30-1:20 Lunch
Sixth Period     1:25-2:15 Biology P-AP
Seventh Period  2:20-3:10 Physics Conceptual
Eighth Period      3:15-4:05 Physics Conceptual

Biology P-AP Online Homework

Title Filename Modified
Protist Videos.ppt 3/18/2014
OnlineLysogenicLyticCycle Homework.doc 3/6/2014
Cells online homework.doc 11/9/2013
DNA Structure Online Homework.doc 12/21/2013
Genetic Disorders Computer Assignment.doc 2/15/2014
Genetics Beyond Mendel Test ReviewKey.doc 3/8/2014
Macromolecules Onine homework.doc 10/5/2013
Online Lab Microscope and Cell Structure with shortened urls.doc 11/9/2013
Photosynthesis_Onine_homework with shortened urls.doc 11/16/2013
Testing Organic Molecules PreLab Activity.doc 11/16/2013
Stem Cell Online Homework.doc 12/7/2013
Taxonomy Assignment.doc 3/8/2014
Transcription_Online_Homework.doc 3/8/2014
Translation_Protein_Synthesis_Online_Homework.doc 3/8/2014
Biome Map for Invasive Species.doc 9/16/2013
Invasive species project.doc 9/23/2013
Online Assignment Mendel's Laws.doc 2/1/2014
Race for the Double Helix answer.ppt 2/1/2014
Online Homework #2 DNA Replication.doc 2/1/2014
Stem Cell Quiz ReviewKey.docx 2/1/2014
Stem Cells.ppt 2/1/2014
Respiration_Onine_assignment.doc 12/7/2013
Basic Chemistry Onine homework.doc 9/28/2013
Background Information Invasives Sp Project.doc 9/28/2013

Classroom Information

Title Filename Modified
BiologyPreAP Syllabus 13-14.doc 8/23/2013
Class Rules Ratliff BioPAP.doc 8/23/2013
Class_Rules_Ratliff_Physics[1].doc 8/23/2013