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Aquatic Science Documents

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2012-13Classes of Echinoderms2.ppt 2/11/2015
2013-14embriology of echinoderms.ppt 2/11/2015
2013-14Echinoderms Notes.ppt 2/11/2015
Echinoderm prefis suffix root.ppt 2/11/2015
2013-14Vocab for echinoderms.doc.ppt 2/11/2015
Water Vascular System2011-2012.ppt 2/11/2015
sea cucumber and urchin anatomy.ppt 2/11/2015
This is a cross section of a sea star.ppt 2/11/2015
2013-14Sea urchins and kelp.ppt 2/11/2015
6-Tides and currents review for midterm.ppt 1/12/2015
6-Tide and current reviewname.doc 1/12/2015
6-Prefixes for tides.ppt 1/12/2015
5-Worms- flat and segmented review.ppt 1/9/2015
5-worms review for final.doc 1/9/2015
5-flatworm prefixes.ppt 1/9/2015
5-Root words for Annelida.ppt 1/9/2015
Root words for Annelida.ppt 11/22/2014
2012-2013Vocabulary for segmented worms.ppt 11/22/2014
4-Cnidarians.ppt 1/10/2015
4-Cnidarian reviewname.doc 1/10/2015
4-cniderian prefixes.ppt 1/10/2015
20123-14Vocabulary for Currents red fill in.ppt 1/10/2015
2-Plate tectonics.ppt 1/10/2015
2-prefix, suffix,root earth history.ppt 1/10/2015
2013-14El_Nino La nina.ppt 1/10/2015
documents to look at ppt.ppt 11/22/2014
class names meanings.ppt 2/14/2015
GASTROPODS variety.ppt 2/14/2015
Mollusk prefix,root,suffix.ppt 2/14/2015
Vocab for mollusks.ppt 2/14/2015
NOAA tides tutorial questionsname.doc 1/10/2015
2013-14ocean zones and currents smithsonian.ppt 1/10/2015
3-Sponges- the Poriferans.ppt 1/10/2015
3-root word ppt sponges.ppt 1/10/2015
Rip currents longshore jetty2011-12.pptx 1/10/2015
2013-14 Physical agents affecting the growth of coral that.ppt 11/22/2014
cniderian prefixes.ppt 11/22/2014
2014-15 Cnidarian Vocabulary.ppt 11/22/2014
Major Characteristics of Phylum Cnidaria.ppt 11/22/2014
polyp or medusa.ppt 11/22/2014
2013-14tide power point2.ppt 1/10/2015
Prefixes for tides.ppt 1/10/2015
2013-14vocab for tides goes with the sheet.ppt 1/10/2015
2012-2013Phylum of worms we will learn about2.ppt 1/10/2015
worm prefixes.ppt 1/10/2015
2012-2013Vocab for worms.ppt 1/10/2015
Rotation lab Cnidariansname.doc 11/22/2014

Teacher Information


Mr. Bradley Ratliff

B.S. from Angelo State University, San Angelo, Texas 2005

Ninth year at Clark High School

Contact me at or 397-5150 ext. 3308

 My Schedule: 

First Period         8:50-9:40 Aquatic Science
Second Period   9:45-10:35 Conference
Third Period      10:40-11:30 Aquatic Science
Fourth Period    11:35-12:25 Biology P-AP
Fifth Period        12:30-1:20 Lunch
Sixth Period     1:25-2:15 Biology P-AP
Seventh Period  2:20-3:10 Biology P-AP
Eighth Period      3:15-4:05 Biology P-AP

Classroom Information

Title Filename Modified
Class Rules Ratliff BioPAP 14-15 (1).doc 8/22/2014
SyllabusRatliffBioPreAP.doc 8/22/2014
Class Rules Ratliff Aquatic Science 14-15 (1).doc 8/22/2014
SyllabusRatliffAquaticScience.doc 8/22/2014