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Schnabel, Anne



Welcome to Mrs. Schnabel's Science Class! 

Whether we will be exploring Chemistry or Physics together, I hope you will enjoy what these classes have to offer.  These can be challenging courses but whether or not you forsee yourself using these in your future, you will be suprised at how they will help shape your thinking and how you look at the world everyday.   

I can be reached by phone at (210)397-5150, ext 3176, or by email through:  

These are some of my favorite quotes that you are sure to hear throughout the year.

“We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.” – Albert Einstein"

If you’re not prepared to be wrong, you’ll never come up with anything original.” - Ken Robinson

"No! Try not. Do, or do not. There is no try." - Yoda (The Empire Strikes Back)

Meaning: How often have we all said "I'll try" when asked to do something? But the fact is, either you will do it... or you won't. There really is no "trying" as Yoda has pointed out. Either you will study... or you won't. Either you will do your homework... or you won't. Either you will strive daily to learn ... or you won't. There is no "in between" which "trying" implies.



Period   Class

1st     8:50-9:40

2nd   9:45-10:35   Physics
3rd  10:40-11:30   Physics
4th  11:35-12:25

  Connections (M-TH)


5th  12:30-12:50

6th     1:25-2:15   Chemistry
7th     2:20-3:10   Chemistry
8th     3:15-4:05   Conference


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Chemistry Policy 2013.pdf 8/26/2013
Physics Policy 2013.pdf 8/26/2013


Credentials & Experience

This is my third year at Clark High School. I have been working in the field of education for about 18 years working with students across the age spectrum in and out of the direct classroom environment.  I am multi-certified in Secondary Science Composite, Secondary Social Studies Composite, Secondary Psychology and as an Elemenentary Generalist - Early Childhood through 6th Grade.

Physics Test Reviews

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Physics Tutorials

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Animated Video explaining Thermodynamics
Transmission of Sound Waves
Intro to EM Waves

Physics Notes - Semester 2

Title Filename Modified
1-ThermoDynamics Part 1.pdf 5/27/2014
1-ThermoDynamics Part 2.pdf 5/31/2014
1-ThermoDynamics Part 3.pdf 5/27/2014
2-Waves & Sound.pdf 5/27/2014
3-EM Waves and Optics.pdf 5/27/2014
3- EM Waves and Light.pdf 5/27/2014
4-Electrostatics Notes.pdf 5/27/2014
5-Electricity Notes.pdf 5/27/2014
6-Magnetism.pdf 5/27/2014

Chemistry Test Reviews

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Chemistry Notes - Semester 2

Title Filename Modified
Unit 8 Chemical Reactions.pdf 5/31/2014
Unit 8 Rates of Reactions.pdf 5/31/2014
Unit 9 Nuclear Chemistry.pdf 5/22/2014
Unit 10 Moles.pdf 5/22/2014
Unit 11 Stoichiometry.pdf 5/22/2014
Unit 12 ThermoChemistry.pdf 5/22/2014
Unit 13 Solutions.pdf 5/22/2014
Unit 14 Acids and Bases.pdf 5/22/2014
Unit 15 Gases.pdf 5/22/2014

Chemistry Video Tutorials

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Structure of an Atom
Alternate explaination of atomic vs mass numbers & isotopes
Development of Atomic Theory
Atomic Weight and Average Atomic Mass
Atoms, Isotopes, Ions
Precision vs Accuracy
Significant Figures
Unit 4 Tutorial - Electron Configurations
Unit 4 Tutorial - Understading Orbitals
Lewis Dots & Octet Rule
Unit 5 - Periodic Table & Trends
Unit 6 Tutorial - Covalent Bonds - Animated Atoms
Unit 6 Tutorial - VESPR & Molecular Shapes
Unit 6 Tutorial - Naming Binary Molecular Compounds
Bond Properties
Ionic Bonding Introduction
Ionic Bonding part 2
Ionic Bonding Part 3
Writing Ionic Formuals w/ Polyatomics
Writing Ionic Formulas
Unit 8 - Another good tutorial on balancing chemical equations.
Unit 8 - Tutorial - Balancing Equations made Easy
Double Replacement Reactions
Single Replacement Reactions
Unit 8 - Short tutorial on the 5 types of Chemical Reactions
The 5 types of Chemical Reactions Clear & Simple
Nuclear Chemistry - Radiation Types
Fission & Fusion
Factor label method of dimensional analysis
Sig Figs made easy
Crash course on conversions & sig figs.
How to calculate molar mass
Grams to moles & moles to particles
Percent Composition, Empirical & Molecular Formulas
Walk through of how to solve for empirical & molecular formulas.
Crash Course Stoichiometry
All 4 Types we did in class
Intro to Thermochemistry
Practice Problems
Practice Problems
Practice Problems
PE Diagrams
Water and Solutions
Properties of Water
Concentration & Dilution Calculations
Naming Acids & Bases
Calculating pH & pOH
Properties of Acids & Bases, Part 1
Properties of Acids & Bases, Part 2
Properties of Gases
Explaining the Gas Laws
Solving Gas Law Problems
Solving more Gas Problems

Chemistry Tutorial Simulations

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Simulation & Game for Balancing Equations

Chemistry Make Up Labs

Title Filename Modified
M&M Isotope Lab (Make Up).docx 9/27/2013
Virtual Lab - Average Atomic Mass of Pennynium.ppt 9/29/2012
2012Isotopes of Pennynium (PreLab)Makeup.doc 9/27/2012
Lab - Density Cubes w water displacemt-MAKEUP.doc 11/16/2013
2012LAB - Data Sheet - Observing Chem Reaction.doc 9/27/2012
MSDS-Copper(II)ChlorideDihyd.pdf 9/27/2012
Virtual Lab - Observing a Chemical Reaction.ppt 9/29/2012
2012Lab - Procedures Observing a Chemical Reaction.doc 9/27/2012
2012 Lab - Mixture Separation.doc 9/27/2012
Virtual Lab - Mixture Separation.ppt 9/27/2012
Virtual Lab - Flame Test.ppt 10/12/2012
Lab - Flame Tests-Make Up.docx 11/11/2013
Lab Demo - Emission Spectrum-Makeup.doc 11/16/2013
Virtual Lab - Observing a Chemical Reaction.ppt 1/28/2014
Virtual Lab - Types of Chemical Reactions.ppt 1/31/2014
Virtual Lab-Rates of Reactions.ppt 2/4/2014
Virtual Lab - Stoichiometric Calculations with NaHCO3.ppt 3/17/2014
Virtual Lab - Saturated Solutions.ppt 4/23/2014
Virtual Lab - pH Indicators.ppt 5/10/2014